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engage has been launched to create a professional space where industry news, resources, ideas, updates, opinions, education …. come together. Pulling inspiration from our annual Conferences where the same philosophy applies, this online newsletter enables the engagement to continue throughout the year.

It is our aim to have a broad variety of content which reflects the diversity of our readership & their organisations - from CEOs to DTs, from FM Managers to PCAs, from metro to rural services, from residential to community care, from national organisations to small owner operators …

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Finally, for those you who have not heard, Cycling without Age has launched in Australia. With a tag line of “The Right To Wind In Your Hair”, Cycling without Age is a global movement about cycling, connections, community & a huge dose of “can do” attitude. I encourage all of our readers to visit their website at www.cyclingwithoutage.com.au & get involved.

Wayne Woff - Manager, Total Aged Services

The Importance of Acoustics in Aged Care design
People with dementia are particularly affected by the acoustic environment. While people with dementia might have normal hearing, they can lose the ability to interpret what they hear accurately. As such, the amount, type and variety of noise a person with dementia is exposed to needs to be carefully regulated
...   read more
Motivation in the Workplace
LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner talks about the 3 key attributes that make a desirable employee. The take home message is applicable to any workplace and an important one when it comes to striving to move beyond the status quo and make significant differences. 
Sitting down for hours a day speeds up ageing - new research 
“People don’t realise that if you sit down all day it can undermine all the exercise you do,” said Professor James Goodwin 

Featured Organisation: Dynamic Catering Solutions
  DCE knows that high-quality service requires high-quality relationships. We provide unparalleled service by utilizing the skills and experience of staff, suppliers and clients in equal measure. Perfection lives within collaboration and transparency. Above all else, we strive for improvement and innovation
Click here for more information
CCTV, videos, photos - rights & responsibilities
CCTV, videos & photos in health, aged care, retirement living & disability services are becoming more of an issue in an environment of increasing use of social media, video surveillance …  Click here to read the article from Holman Webb Lawyers which explores your rights & responsibilities in this area.
Memory Cafe in Perth

Got 2 mins? Watch the interview below with Euro Lumb, the owner of Coffea Fine Espresso. He was a part of a collaboration of people/organisations that started a monthly Memory Cafe . For more information on their awesome work, click here
Free Presentation!

Dementia + Recreation National Conference   2016 delivered some excellent content, with 13 informative presentations. One of those was the popular 'RRR' session, highlighting dementia related links, resources and stories from around the world.   Click here to view
And Finally ...

High Blood Pressure May Not Be All Bad in Elderly …. Read more

Giving feedback to staff in the workplace … what possibly could go wrong? - a great piece from Andrew Marty, MD at SACS Consulting …. Read more

Australian Inquiry into Elder Abuse - Discussion Paper & invitation for submissions …. Read more

The Victorian Medical Treatment Planning and Decisions Bill 2016 passed the Parliament on 24 November 2016 …. Read more 

Is the ibuprofen-paracetamol combination a possible wound related problem? – from Gary Bain, The Wound Guy … Read more

10 Benefits of BIM for Healthcare Facility Development Projects …. Read more

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