22 July 2010


Pharma Marketing News is proud to be a media sponsor of this event. Thanks to the conference organizers for offering our readers a $300 discount! Use the code shown in the ad.

John Mack, Editor

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Learn how:

  • Novartis created a fictitious character and tapped the power of story-telling to reach those with cystic fibrosis
  • Auxilium leverages the power of patient ambassadors
  • Johnson & Johnson manages pharma's largest YouTube channel and moderates comments
  • Lundbeck uses social media to support rare disease communities
  • Gilead use "Levels of Evidence" to measure and optimize their video marketing
  • iGuard crafted a unique partner model to get over 2 million members in their program
  • LIVESTRONG manages their 900,000 Facebook page members

PLUS special sessions:

  • Adherence: Want 98% medication adherence? Meet one-on-one with Vitality CEO David Rose, who invented the digital pill bottle cap.
  • Compliance: Learn how to handle AEs, off-label promotion and hostile patients in social media
  • Mobile: Learn how Text4Baby gained 50,000 expectant mother's as subscribers
  • Learn secrets to health behavior change from world renowned expert Dr. Vic Strecher

Everybody attending the conference will receive:

  • A Zeo Personal Sleep Coach ($249 Value)
  • Best-selling books including Click
  • Cool conference bag
  • Conference T-shirt you'll actually wear
  • Videos from ePatCon09
  • Video recordings of all general sessions
  • Full conference and expo access including all afternoon specialty conferences
  • 1 on 1 Coaching & Innovation Island

One of the best conferences I've attended in over 17 years in the industry.

- Omar Jabbar, Johnson & Johnson

100% say they learned one or more things that could be applied back on the job.

86% say they met someone new who could help them in their career.

This event sells out. Register NOW to guarantee a seat at the premier event of 2010.

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