Engage Status Update
JULY 20, 2020
Distribution List: All Chapter Leadership and Engage Contacts
Engage Updates - Revised Schedule, Processes and Training

As planned, we wanted to share our next update with you about the status of Engage. We continue to prepare for and move forward with the improvements to the Engage roll-out effort and system enhancements. These changes are based on your feedback, and we appreciate your open and constructive feedback as we continue to move through this together. Here are more specifics around what you can expect, as well as more information.

Revised Schedule

Please find the updated schedule for the Engage rollout based on the timeline for system enhancements. This has the re-start of the Wave 1 rollout beginning on 10/15/20 and ending the Wave 3 rollout on 7/15/21. Starting tomorrow, you can find the complete schedule on help.score.org. Each chapter will have a Chapter Success Manager (CSM) assigned to them 3 months before rollout, and that person will guide and support you through the entire rollout process.

Revised Enhancement and Bug Submission Process

We have created a new Enhancement and Bug Submission form to easily gather suggestions and feedback from the field in one place. This form allows us to gather all of the necessary information to document and prioritize issues and enhancements as well as recreate any reported bugs. This form can be found here: Enhancement/Bug Submission Form.

Each reported issue will be given a priority level upon submission. We will use this as well as the level of impact to determine the order in which these will be resolved. The Reported Issues & Resolutions page on the Support Center will be updated with newly reported items and any resolutions on a weekly basis. This page will be updated with the current list of open issues by July 27th. 

All enhancements submitted prior to July were reviewed and are listed on the Enhancements page of the Support Center. The key enhancements identified to make in response to COVID-19 and other feedback are currently listed on this page with the priority level, High. These will all be implemented before the rollout begins again in October.

Some of the major enhancements that will be made include:
  • Zoom integration to allow for easier processing of online workshops 
  • Adding virtual branches to mitigate confusion around location-based mentoring
  • Additional functionality related to mentor request management

For a complete list of the enhancements, please click here

Any additional enhancements submitted since July will be added to this page in the next two weeks. These will be prioritized during the holidays and some implemented during the month between Waves 2 and 3 (April 2021). Moving forward, the Enhancements page will be updated on a bi-weekly basis to include newly reported items as well as those determined to be Out of Scope.

Reminder: Improved Training Program

We have enhanced the training approach to provide more hands-on guidance and customized training. 
  • Each chapter will be assigned a Chapter Success Manager (CSM), who will be that chapter’s direct, personal connection to a member of the SCORE team who is focused on your transition to Engage. The CSM will be your primary point of contact that serves as a conduit to SCORE training and resources.
  • There will be more trainers available. HQ Training Specialists will lead live training sessions based on the needs of the chapter. Volunteer Trainers will be available to train volunteers on the most-used actions in Engage (i.e. profile updates and logging in.)
  • The roll-out schedule extends the timeline for training and adapting to the new system. For example, each chapter will have access to the Sandbox 45 days prior to launch to allow for more practice time in the system.
  • More how-to videos and training materials will be developed and available.

You can view a graphic representation of this program below, or click he re.
We will update you mid-August with our progress. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us at Engage@score.org

Thank you for all that you do for SCORE.

Bridget Weston
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