"I am now working with FrontSight Military Ministry, whom I met at the El Adobe night.  We have already received referrals for veterans who will be sponsored through The Master's Program's Adopt a Soldier Program."
TBG Member, Phil Brown
Inside The Barnabas Group
Interview with TBG Member, Phil Brown

"I endorse TBG to every businessman I know."
With so many distractions competing for your attention, it's essential that we do not lose focus on God's specific work for our lives.  At The Barnabas Group ("TBG"), we are thankful that God is continually working through each of our members to transform our community, and the world.  Below is an interview with a member of our TBG family, Phil Brown, which provides a glimpse into a fellow member's journey and impact as a member of TBG.         

Question:  What has been your biggest blessing (take away) from TBG?

Answer:  " I am blessed each time that I attend the quarterly sessions.  I enjoy hearing about the incredible ministries that many people in both the secular world, and even the Christian world, do not know exist, and the wonderful work that they are doing.  I could get behind almost every one of them!"
Question:  Have you gotten involved with, or helped a ministry or ministries?  If so, who and how did you come alongside them?

Answer:  "I am now working with FrontSight Military Ministry ("FrontSight"), whom I met at the El Adobe night.  We have already received referrals for veterans who will be sponsored through The Master's Program's Adopt a Soldier Program.  The director of the FrontSight Fitness Ministry, John Harsh, will be their first soldier to join us.  It will be a mutually beneficial relationship, as is already evident."
Additional information on FrontSight ministry provided below. 
Question:  Has anything surprised you about TBG? 

Answer:  "I am blown away by the thorough job that Jim West does of keeping our membership apprised of creative, valuable lists of events and ministry opportunities."
Question:  What have you learned, or been introduced to, through your involvement with TBG?
Answer:  "I especially love ministries that are domestically focused.  There are so many needy folks right here in our own back yard.  I was just approached by Teen Challenge to mentor one of their adults.  I plan to begin doing that shortly thanks to leadership's recommendation that I check that out as an avenue for me to pursue in my desire to serve."
Question:  What things do you look for when you are deciding about whether or not to get involved with a ministry?

Answer:  "I want to be hands on.  I don't want to just write a check."
Question:  How has your walk with the Lord changed, or been enhanced, through your participation in TBG?

Answer:  "My horizons have been greatly expanded when it comes to the worthy ministries out there.  I endorse TBG to every businessman I know."
Question:  Is there anything else that you would like to mention?

Answer:  "I am glad to be supportive of TBG's and specifically Jim West's incredible efforts, which are unmatched in my opinion."

Proverbs 18:14
The spirit of a man will sustain him in sickness, but who can bear a broken spirit?

FrontSight Military Ministry offers a full Gym with personal trainers, spiritual guidance, resource information, military-only chapel service, veteran/family group sessions, horseback riding and much more!  Everything is 100% free-of-charge for our Veterans and their Families.  
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