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Engaging the Whole Student through Culturally Responsive Teaching

The only way educators can show up for all their students is if they meet them where they're at. And today's students are more diverse than ever before - racially, ethnically, culturally, and linguistically. Each and every one brings a unique set of lived experiences that must be acknowledged. There's no way educators can ignore these parts of students' lives and expect them to fully engage in learning.
One way educators can engage all students in authentic, purposeful learning is through culturally responsive teaching. Culturally responsive teaching acknowledges students' diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and learning styles and weaves them into the curriculum. Educators who invest time and energy in understanding their students' lives ultimately foster an environment that validates and reflects diversity, providing a sense of belonging in a place where students spend much of their lives. It also gives students an opportunity to learn from an inclusive curriculum and from each other, gaining valuable insight into different cultures and ways of thinking and knowing.
This past month, GreenNotes featured articles that explore how educators are incorporating culturally responsive teaching in their classrooms. From personal reflections on growing their practice to strategies and ideas for weaving cultural responsiveness into the curriculum, this month's authors provide candid insights and thoughtful advice that all educators can benefit from.
Students deserve to feel safe, respected, supported, and seen. By understanding and embracing their cultural identities, educators can create curriculum that's relevant, impactful, and equips students with the tools, knowledge, and perspectives they need to co-create a sustainable and just future. 
Feature Articles

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Stereotype and Bias in Education

Reprinted with permission from Green Teacher magazine.
Green Schools Catalyst Quarterly

COVID-19 has changed many aspects of our lives. It also offers an unprecedented opportunity to rethink K- 12 education. In this special issue of the Green Schools Catalyst Quarterly, we explore the vital role that green, healthy, and sustainable schools will play in a COVID-19 world and why education for sustainability is an investment in the future of education.

How students get to and from school matters. Whether taking the big yellow bus, riding a bike, or walking to school, these choices have impacts on student health, the environment, and a school's carbon footprint. In the Summer 2020 Green Schools Catalyst Quarterly, learn how Safe Routes to School programs and innovations in school transportation systems are changing the way we think about the daily commute to school. 

Read both issues on GSNN's website or via the app available at iTunesGoogle Play, and Amazon

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