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Engineer Discusses Trenchless PCCP in New Case Study

To ensure he selected a pipe that could withstand trenchless installation, heavy loads, stray currents and vibrations from near by light rail, an engineer chose Thompson Pipe Group 36" prestressed concrete cylinder pipe for a complex project in downtown Dallas.

Read more about what led to the selection in this new case study.
ACPA Pipe School Includes TPG Microtunneling Pipe

During the annual American Concrete Pipe Association Pipe School, Thompson Pipe Group engineers will share reinforced concrete microtunneling pipe manufacturing details.

The 72- and 84-inch pipes will be installed in the Atoka Pipeline, the largest water pipeline under construction in North America.

Additionally, Thompson Pipe Group will manufacture more than 100 miles of 60- and 72-inch steel pipe for the direct bury portion of the project.
Texas Bar-Wrapped Pipe Installation
Bar-wrapped pipe is the strongest of the semi-rigid pipes. A popular material with contractors, this picture was taken at a job site in Irving, Texas.

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