Engineer Update
Magee Elementary
Sept. 21, 2020| #1
Mitigation of COVID with Masks
Masks Required
The Kettle Moraine School District requires face coverings for the 2020-21 school year as a mitigation measure to help ensure schools remain open. It is essential that the spread of COVID-19 is controlled in order to keep students and staff in our buildings, teaching and learning face-to-face. Face coverings, combined with other mitigation measures, have served the district well in the few weeks schools have been open. The district is in regular communication with Waukesha County Public Health and they strongly recommend face coverings in schools. This recommendation aligns with the CDC and the State Health Department. The face covering requirement is in place for the entire 2020-21 school year, regardless of the governor’s existing order.
After observing students at recess, and having conversation with some of our older students, we have agreed that if students wish to play football, soccer, basketball or 500 they would need to wear masks. There is just too many ways they can get too close to each other. Students are continuing to remain with their classroom cohort at recess and rotate each week to a new playground space. We also discussed that this only works if they follow the guidelines we all agree upon.