November 11, 2020 #3
5th Grade Robotics Cycle
5th grade students are doing a short robotics cycle this fall and they are doing it safely. 5th graders are coming to the library with their cohort and working with Mrs. Jones to code their cruiser to follow a maze. Each student has their own robot but they are still working as a team as they help each other. 
Due to our being at home last spring, quite a few 5th graders would have missed out on an EV3 robotics experience as they move on to the middle school. Doing these short cycles now will ensure they have some EV3 experience. 

Students are showing persistence and flexible thinking. They are also striving for accuracy and even showing humor as they work through challenges.

Our other grade levels may have to wait until next year to do a robotics cycle, but they will have plenty of other computer science opportunities this year as we continue to use Scratch and CoSpaces.
Magee Annual Report
The Magee Annual Report was presented at the October 27, 2020 School Board Meeting. Please click HERE to view the report done at the meeting. Our report starts around 12 min into the meeting. Please click HERE to view the report.
The video below will guide you through where to find assignments and information in your child's Google Classroom. Mrs. Jones made the video using examples from our classrooms to make it easy to relate to.