December 16, 2020 #4
Distance Learning
Dec. 21 and 22

When your child logs into their computer and joins our Google Meet, they are in a real classroom. Below are the protocols to follow for instruction and learning to be successful.

  • Provide an environment that is conducive to learning. Be sure your child has a quiet work space and the materials he/she needs for the day.  
  • Your child should remain in their work space during instruction with the camera on at all times. Please remind your child not to walk around the house to change locations.
  • Pin teachers during instruction.
  • Keep mics muted unless speaking. Headphones should be worn.
  • Meals should be eaten prior to joining the Google Meet. Students will be allowed to eat a snack during our scheduled snack break.
  • Toys, pets, and siblings should not be part of the Google Meet as they are distracting to all.
  • Your child should be on time for instruction and follow the classroom schedule.
  • Everyone who might appear on camera needs to be dressed appropriately.
  • Let your child be the student. Adults should not be sitting next to the child. This can be distracting for all involved in the Google Meet. Distance learning should mirror the classroom. Children are very independent at school. We will follow the same system we have in the classroom when students get “stuck”.
  • It is important that children complete their own work. Much of the work we complete is practice. Practice includes errors. 
  • If your child has a scheduled appointment or illness and is unable to join our Google Meet, please let me know in advance. Tardies and absences will be reported to the office.  
  • THANK YOU!!!
Learning Environment Change Request Period
Begins January 4

A link to a change request form will be shared via Infinite Campus Jan. 4 and requests will be open through Jan. 10.

If you plan to make a change, please consider the impact a potential quarantine might have on your family in the coming quarter/term and select the correct environment. Due to staffing needs and configurations:

Changes at the elementary level will likely cause reassignment of your child’s teacher and class configuration, regardless of your family's decision. In addition, changes in either direction will not be honored after Jan. 10.
KM will not be able to honor changes at the middle and high school levels from distance learning to face-to-face learning after Jan. 10. 
At the high school level, selecting distance learning may alter your student’s term three course selections.
The final opportunity to request a change will occur before the start of term four, which begins on March 30.

NOTE: This change request form is only necessary if you want to change your environment for the third quarter/term, which begins Jan. 26.
The video below will guide you through where to find assignments and information in your child's Google Classroom. Mrs. Jones made the video using examples from our classrooms to make it easy to relate to.