From Mission College Engineering
Dear Engineering Students,
My name is Bob Schaffer and I am the Engineering Department Chair. Of course, many of you know me simply as "Dr. Bob" from EGR10, EGR30, or MAT5.
First and foremost, I hope this finds you all well. I wanted to primarily assure you that your Engineering professors are ready to take your instruction online and your classes will be continuing soon . I know this is a trying time and staying at home and taking classes can, in many ways, be more challenging than coming to campus. Your faculty are prepared to help you through this transition.

Campus computers will be available on campus in the SEC's Academic Support/Tutoring Center by KJs Cafe. Campus services will also be available, but they will be done online as well.
EGR10 (with me), EGR24/24L, EGR26, EGR30, and MAT5 will be starting back up the week of March 16 with EGR10 (with Albert) starting on March 23. Your instructor is the best source of information regarding the details of your course. Faculty are allowed to provide material, post assignments, etc. even if your course has not resumed. Please do your best to frequently check your email and Canvas for class announcements. The best way to ensure a successful transition is to stay in communication with your professor.
You may also hear that some Mission classes won't be able to finish unless they return to face-to-face instruction. I am happy to share that all Engineering classes can be completed online - even if we are unable to return to campus. For those transferring, rest assured that you will be able to complete your Engineering classes.

I plan to reach out occasionally with updates and announcements. I also invite you to reach out to me! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Best of luck on a productive rest of the Spring Semester!

Finally - as I've been telling everyone during this crisis - a can-do attitude and flexibility can go along way. You all can do this!

Dr. Bob
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