How to: Create Custom LCD Characters
Get creative with customized characters for LCD displays!

Deliver more effective messaging with customized shapes and symbols on your character LCD. Our latest video gives you step by step instructions to create and implement customized characters on your LCD display.
Engineering Insights
How to Protect Your Display from the Elements
Learn how to protect your display from extreme weather conditions and make sure they keep performing in demanding environments.

Conformal Coating
Conformal coating is a powerfully effective way to protect against environmental damage. With conformal coating you won’t have to worry about moisture or debris causing malfunctions in your displays.
Conformal Coating in Action
Some SCUBA diving equipment utilizes OLED and LCD displays to help divers monitor depth and water pressure. Conformal coating gives these tools a waterproof seal to safeguard them for underwater adventures.  
In addition to protecting the displays’ PCB from water damage, conformal coating adds a layer of protection against any sand or debris that could come in contact with the display.

The added defense from conformal coating is essential when your display is providing vital information in unpredictable environments.

Add conformal coating and enjoy the peace of mind knowing your display is protected against the elements. 

Temperature Regulation
All displays have a specific operating temperature range for optimal performance. When exposed to temperatures outside of that range, your display could experience performance issues or malfunctions.
That’s why we offer these effective solutions to keep your display working in extreme heat and freezing temperatures.

In freezing temperatures, LCDs can experience delayed response times and internal component malfunctions.

We can add LCD heaters that are designed to activate at a preset temperature and generate heat through lead wires attached to a power source.
Cooling Units

Excessive heat can cause distortion, deterioration, and failure of the crystals in your LCD display.

We implement fans and venting systems to regulate your display's heat and use specialized cases to protect its components from condensation.
We offer all of these services and temperature adjustment modifications. Contact us to learn more!
Product Highlight
New: 5" Sunlight Readable TFT LCDs
Our popular 5" TFT LCD displays are now available with sunlight readable screens!

These new TFTs feature 3M enhancement film and powerful LED backlights to remain visible in any environments.
Character OLEDs In Use
This tire pressure management device utilizes a character OLED display. The control system is designed to actively monitor and adjust tire pressure of industrial trucks while the vehicles are in use.

The bright, high contrast characters on the OLED display make them easily visible to drivers in both bright daylight and night driving conditions.