Students at Clayton Elementary display American flags as part of their school's Veteran's Day celebration. The Englewood Campus also held a celebration; you can watch the video here.
2016 Bond and Mill Levy:
Thank you for your support!
The results of the November 2016 election are in! The Englewood community voted to support issues 3D and 3E, approving a $97.5 million bond and a $1.5 million mill levy override to fund the rebuilding and long-term maintenance of all Englewood elementary schools and preschool.

On behalf of our schools, and especially all Englewood students and staff, Superintendent Rubin would like to extend a sincere and heartfelt thank you. Thank you for continually advocating for our students and schools. You did so in 2011 when you voted to rebuild our secondary schools. And you've done so once again so we can offer our elementary students the same state-of-the-art facilities that cultivate welcoming, inspiring and safe places of learning for our children.

Click here to find out which upgrades apply to your student's elementary school.

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Bringing Urban Agriculture and Green Energy to the Classroom
There are many gems in Englewood Schools, and one of them is a unique STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) program offered at Colorado's Finest High School of Choice. The Sustainable Agriculture and Green Energy program, called SAGE, is a one-of-a-kind course in which students gain hands-on experience working on projects within the urban agriculture and sustainable energy industries. Students are raising chickens, as well as building gardens, chicken coops and compost bins - all while developing business plans and exploring careers in different industries.

Please take a moment to watch a short video on the SAGE program and our students.
Englewood Board of Education Adopts Resolution for All Students
The Englewood Schools Board of Education took brave action on the evening of November 29 by publicly adopting a resolution that affirms its dedication to all students, families, employees and members of our community that are served or employed by our district.

The resolution recognized that national events and the current climate may cause uncertainty for some in our community. It also cited the mission of Englewood Schools, which is to prepare all students for future success through learning, leading, engagement and action. The resolution assured that the district would continue to provide educational opportunities and support in a manner that promotes the rights and responsibilities of all individuals. You can read the full resolution here.

Superintendent Wendy Rubin also emphasized the District's continued commitment to all students and wrote about it here.

Englewood remains a district where all students belong and thrive.
EHS Hosts Second Annual Vocal Arts Gala
On November 10, vocal groups at the Englewood Campus hosted the second annual Gala and Fundraising event.

Attendees were treated to musical performances, catered Hors d'oeuvres, art displays, a silent auction and more. The event was successful in raising funds for the vocal groups and providing a fun evening of culture for community members.

Thanks to all who attended for supporting our programs!
Feedback Requested: New Graduation Requirements
Based on community feedback, the Englewood Board of Education has made credit changes to the proposed graduation requirements for Englewood High School's class of 2021 and beyond (this year's 8th graders). These changes include 3.5 credits for social studies courses and 5.5 credits for academic elective courses. The revised requirements can be found here.

The Englewood Board of Education will move forward with adopting the proposed Colorado's Finest High School of Choice graduation requirements for the class of 2021. Proposed requirements can be found here.

As parents/guardians of future high school students, your feedback on the proposed requirements is important to us and will help inform the Board's decision-making process. The community is invited to provide additional feedback or comments on both sets of graduation requirements to   by December 5.  Interested parties are also invited to provide public comment at the December 13 Board of Education meeting  held at 6:30 in the Venue at The Englewood Campus.
Englewood Schools' 1338 Committee
Did you know Englewood Schools has a 1338 Committee made up of teachers, administrators and parents that is charged with consulting with the Board of Education as to the fairness, effectiveness, credibility, and professional quality of the licensed personnel performance evaluation system and its processes and procedures?

It's important to know that the Committee also conducts a continuous evaluation of such evaluation systems. The 1338 Committee will give input/recommendation to the Board of Education on individual and collective attribution for Standard VI with an anticipated rollout of 2017-18. For more information, or to follow the progress of the Committee, p lease visit the 1338: Personnel Performance Evaluation Council Google site located here
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