Solar Eclipse
Englewood students enjoyed a fun day of learning while viewing the solar eclipse. Students and staff used eclipse glasses, pinhole viewers, and shadows to watch the eclipse in action.

Many classes also made observations about animal noises and temperature changes while the eclipse was happening. It was a fun and educational experience for all!
Your Vote Counts - Election 2017
Ballots arrive in mid-October for 2017 Election
Submitted by Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder’s Office

Englewood voters will decide the outcome of local races in the Nov. 7 Coordinated Election. Your vote has the power to make a difference in this and every election.

This election will fill three seats on our Englewood Schools Board of Education. Voters also will elect three Englewood City Councilmembers and a Municipal Judge. There are no county, state or federal questions this year.

Ballots will be mailed to all active registered voters beginning Oct. 16. Please visit in advance to confirm that you are registered to vote and your address is current. Ballots are not forwarded by the Postal Service.

Return your voted ballot by mail with paid postage, or deliver it to any ballot drop-off location in Arapahoe County by 7 p.m. on Election Day, Nov. 7. For your convenience, a 24-hour ballot box is available in front of Englewood Civic Center, 1000 Englewood Parkway.

Visit any one of four Voter Service and Polling Centers in the County between Oct. 30 and Nov. 7 to register to vote, update registration, request or replace a ballot, or vote on an accessible electronic tablet. If you have not received a mail ballot by Oct. 30, please visit a Voter Service and Polling Center to request one.

Visit for voter information, ballot drop-off locations and to track your mail ballot. You also sign up for free BallotTrack messages via email, text or phone when your ballot is mailed to you and received by Arapahoe County for counting.
Elementary & Middle School SOS Group
The upper elementary to middle school (ages 9-12) Strategies for Overcoming Stress and Anxiety (SOS) group will help students learn all about the mechanisms of anxiety and stress and how to face fears and calm their bodies and minds down so they can function more effectively.

Where: Southwood Office, 61 W. Davies Ave., Littleton, 80120
When: Tuesdays, 4-5:15 p.m. starting on 9/5/17 for 16 weeks
Facilitators: Jeannie Walter, LCSW & Tammy Moldenhauer, Case Manager
Please contact Meredith Smith for more details: [email protected]
Adult English & GED Classes
Englewood Schools partners with Spring Institute to bring adult basic & secondary education classes and adult English as a second language classes to the community.

New classes are starting soon! Students must attend a registration night in order to be eligible.

Preliminary District & School Frameworks
The Colorado Department of Education just released preliminary ratings of every school and district in the state. There are a few things you should know about the ratings, what they are based on, and how you can access more information.
Every year school districts in Colorado receive a District Performance Framework (DPF) report, which determines their accreditation rating. Schools receive School Performance Framework (SPF), which determine their school rating or plan types. The reports currently posted for 2017 are considered preliminary because districts may submit additional performance data to the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) through the Request to Reconsider process in order to best describe the performance of the school or district.
Englewood Schools regularly submits additional information above and beyond the state assessment results during the Request to Reconsider process and will do so again this year. State assessments measure students’ abilities at one point in the school year for grades three through eleven. We provide additional data for all grade levels from assessments taken throughout the school year to more accurately reflect students’ growth and achievement. We also ask CDE to use the rubric for alternative education campuses when looking at data from Colorado’s Finest High School of Choice so that their data can be compared to similar populations. Our goal is that the DPF and SPFs most accurately represent our district and schools.
The preliminary results for all districts and schools are currently available on CDE’s website, and  you can find them here . CDE stresses that these results are preliminary and are subject to change after the Request to Reconsider process.
Official district and school performance frameworks will be released in December after the Request to Reconsider process concludes.
Keep in mind that CDE’s rating system is just one measure of how we’re doing. As you know, so much more goes into the effectiveness of a school, including our culture, the commitment of our staff and the involvement of parents and community members like you.
More information about the state’s accountability system  can be found here .
If you have questions about these reports or this process, you can contact Joanna Polzin at  [email protected] .
Construction Updates
The foundation and concrete walls are being poured at both Clayton and Charles Hay! You can find even more updates on both our Charles Hay and Clayton construction pages.

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