May Newsletter 2021
Kandetiya Agro Products - Community Development
Producers are at the heart of FairTSA Fair Trade certification. Together through community development projects and capacity building we are helping to directly impact the agricultural communities that grow and process our food. Kandetiya Agro Products in Sri Lanka is a newly certified FairTSA producer. For their first Community Development Project (CDP) in 2020 they implemented a two-part proposal, comprising of community care packages as well as agricultural improvement.
First, they increased the farmers knowledge of organic farming practices including sustainable water use, fertilizing, and intercropping. Using diverse crops such as papaya, pineapple, and banana among coconut plantations, strengthens production and water retention. Trained officers will help monitor and support the farmers planting and fertilizing process. To improve their knowledge of organic farming, Kandetiya is working with the Coconut Research Institute (CRI) and Agriculture Department of Sri Lanka. They will organize onsite training sessions conducted by CRI officers. To promote the sustainable use of water, CRI will help plan irrigation systems being set up as part of the FairTSA CDP, including tube wells and water storage tanks for a more comprehensive and useful system. Part of this education is encouraging stewardship and protection of natural water bodies and land.
Secondly, a choice was given to each farmer that has been with the company for over a year for a useful package to support their daily activities. Most farmers live in remote areas with no easy access to public transportation or water. They had a choice of a new bicycle, water pump, or a various organic farming supply package. The water pump can enable families to irrigate and set up water systems at their home. Bicycles are very prevalent in the culture of Sri Lanka, where having access to one greatly saves time and costs in daily family efforts, with children, and professional commutes.
Enjoy the spirit of Kandetiya's Community Development Project
FairTSA is excited to continue supporting this comprehensive initiative of their farming community, and we look forward to their future projects. Look out for more projects and annual updates on our website
Update on New Standard Version 4.0
In October 2021 the new standard version will take effect. As we announced earlier, we will make sure the transition goes smoothly. 

Here are the major changes:

1. The FairTSA Fair Trade Certificate will be issued for 18 months rather than 12. This
does not impact the inspection/audit cycle, which remains at 12 months.

2. All applicable International Labor Conventions are referenced.

3. Labor requirements are stricter and more elaborate, as are Occupational Health &
Safety requirements.

4. There are new requirements regarding the minimizing of carbon emissions and
intelligent water use.

As usual, we will work with you through these changes, and encourage you to sign up for one of our Free Producer Webinars if you have questions. Click here for English Webinar, and here for Spanish. You can also contact us via email or phone.

Our New Licensees
Secteur Six Private Limited - New Delhi, India - Founded in 2018, their goal is to create cutting edge fashion while implementing progressive, regenerative solutions that heal the earth and empower their staff. Secteur Six is defining their industry leading standards with six pillars, or secteurs.

The Six Secteurs are: Real Transparency / Regenerative Farming / Workers Rights / Advancing Workers / 100% Biodegradable Materials / Gender Equality / Preserving Local Culture
Tierra & Lava - Antigua, Guatemala - Founded in 2017, they are a holistic skin and hair care company centered around environmental and social impact. Tierra & Lava is immersed in a biodiverse climate that provides a wide range of unique ingredients they use in their products.

All ingredients are locally sourced in an ethical and transparent way, and they are a zero-waste company. Any unrecyclable plastics (such as some food wrappers) are repurposed into eco-bricks that are used as borders in their garden. Tierra & Lava honors the earth and has a commitment to operating with genuinely green principles. Their products nourish your skin and soul.
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