If you've been feeling like you need an added layer of protection in your home, try putting Fluorite Specimens by your front door. This multicolored crystal is highly protective and wards of negative energies. Fluorite is also an excellent tool for anyone who needs to focus their thoughts and harness their creative energy. It will help you calm racing thoughts, remove distractions and assist you to direct your energy so that you can reach your goals. Fluorite is spiritually grounding and very useful in boosting your meditation practice. It helps to unlock your spiritual awakening and connects you to universal knowledge. Heightened intuition, calming chaos and revealing your inner strength are some of the most popular reasons people work with this crystal. This week we are offering 20% off our Fluorite Specimens. You will find a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors to choose from. Click now to go to the sale!
Purple Fluorite Specimens

Each piece of this Purple Fluorite has it's own color variation and personality. Size ranges from 2-1/4" to 3".
Raw Green Fluorite Pieces

These pieces are between 3/4" to 1 1/4" in size. Perfect for carrying with you or to use in crystal grids.
Purple Fluorite Octahedrons

The medium-large size of these Purple Fluorite Octahedrons makes them perfect for energy healers. Colors vary.
Fluorite Flat Ovals

Fluorite clears energetic debris from it's surroundings. Carry this flat oval with you, or keep it near your work space.
Fluorite Free Forms

Large pieces of Fluorite, perfect to cleans the energy of an entire room. Sizes range from 4"-5" tall.
Fluorite Small Octahedrons

These small Fluorite Octahedrons are perfect for making grids or keeping in your pocket. Colors vary.
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