Fortnightly Focus
on Test & Measurement Equipment

Enhance the Battery Life of your Mobile or Wireless Device

Get the Tools you need to measure and analyse
dynamic current drain from sub-microamps to amps.


The Measurement Challenge


Measuring dynamic changes is essential to understanding power consumption and battery life.  However, handling a 1,000,000-to-1 ratio between minimum and maximum current levels is not possible with typical tools, which can result in poor results, inaccurate understanding and daily frustration.


To help you overcome these issues, Keysight has created a purpose built solution that provides high accuracy and flexible measurement capabilities. 

Serving as both a source and measurement device, this solution provides a stable DC output voltage, programmable output resistance and an auxiliary digital voltage meter. Combining these features is the ideal solution.

Unique, Accurate & Easy...

Solving The Challenge

This combined solution offers users:
  • Seamless current measurement - View waveforms that range from sub-microamp levels to 3A with no loss of resolution and no glitches in your measurements.
  • Current-only measurements.
  • Fast response DC source.
  • Battery emulator mode.
  • Arbitrary waveform generation.
  • Precision constant current or constant voltage load.
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