If your willpower needs a boost, or you are feeling a bit scattered lately, working to heal your Solar Plexus will help.
Manipura Chakra

The Solar Plexus, or Navel Center, is located about two fingers above your navel, up to your sternum. The Solar Plexus is the center of your willpower. When this energy center is flowing well, you will feel joyful and full of inner peace. You will have faith in yourself and the universe that whatever is occurring is ultimately for the best. If your Solar Plexus is unbalanced you will experience sorrow, a need to feel important above all others, and you will try to control others through your anger.

If you need some help with your Solar Plexus, you can find some good information in our library. There are several stones that are good for working with your Solar Plexus. Citrine, Malachite and Peridot are a just a few. Find more suggestions in this article.
Honey Jasper Prayer Beads

Honey Jasper is a powerful Solar Plexus stone. This gentle crystal helps to keep negative energies away from you. It will ramp up your energy when you are in need of it. Honey Jasper assists your memory and intellect. If you have trouble concentrating, wear this stone and your mind will clear. Honey Jasper will help you to focus on the positive things in your life, bringing more joy to every day. Our handcrafted malas feature 108 beads and come in Medium 6mm or Large 8mm sizes. Want to learn more about working with prayer beads? Watch this short video.
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