We are sending the following on behalf of the Office of Early Learning. Questions should be directed to tina.shockley@doe.k12.de.us. Delaware Stars is not able to provide any additional information or answer questions.

Please accept our apologies there was a slight update to the message we sent out this morning. Below is the correct message.  
Dear Early Learning Provider: 
We are pleased to announce that Enhanced Reimbursement will be available for the months of February and March at 50% of the slot rates utilized during prior months. Based on available funding, Enhanced Reimbursement will be open to all licensed providers who are open and serving children for the months of February and March.If you have “vacant slots”, as defined through the Enhanced Reimbursement program, you are eligible to apply.   
Please keep in mind that enrollment for Enhanced Reimbursement is defined as number of students authorized for Purchase of Care (POC) AND private pay students combined. That enrollment number is subtracted from your licensed capacity to determine the number of “vacant slots” that are eligible for funding. Providers are reminded, as a condition of receipt for ER, that funding must be used to pay staff first and any remaining funds can be spent on supplies, professional development or other business-related expense. 
Please note, upon completion of the March applications and payments, the Enhanced Reimbursement will come to an end. 
Application submissions will remain the same as in prior months. Applications will be available on 02/15/2021 at 9:00am for eligible providers to submit their information for the month of February.  
Applications will be available on 03/15/2021 at 9:00am for eligible providers to submit their information for the month of March. Applications can be accessed via the following website:  https://coronavirus.delaware.gov/childcare-reimbursement/.
Recognizing the vital economic role of child care providers and small businesses, below please find additional resources to meet payroll, benefits, mortgage, and other expenses.