In this Issue...
Changes have been made:
  • Web-site "Face lift"
  • New Comment Box
Option for Couple's Workbooks
Financial and Infertility & Adoption Supplements
 Schedule a Training in your area

Note: Please share this with your mentor couples.
Changes to Web-site Headings
On the main page, we changed "Scoring" to "Parish" to more accurately indicate where a parish goes to enter our site.
In your parish’s view on the web-site, the language of the navigation links have been updated. The Links are now displayed as buttons and changed from:
  • ‘Manage Invoices’ to ‘Invoices’
  • ‘Manage Profile’ to ‘Parish Profile’
  • ‘Manage Couples’ to ‘Add/Search/Edit Couples’
  • ‘Manage Surveys’ to ‘Inventory Scoring/Results’
We also added a "Previous Orders" link, that will allow you to view what you have previously ordered.
  New Comment Box

We have added a comment box to insert brief remarks. It could be used for the name of the presiding priest, name for the mentor couple, or other special instructions. 

On the “add a couple page”, insert for personalized notes in the provided comment box. This will then print out on top page of the couple’s results. 
Option for Couple's Workbooks
If the Parish chooses to pay for the Couple's Workbooks, you can choose to have Fully Engaged send the workbooks to the couple. The cost is $5 more to cover postage and handling. Since some parishes have indicated they do not wish to stock the workbooks, we added this option.
We continue to send out the Couple's Workbooks if the couple pays via credit card.  
To change your option at any time, go to your parish profile, and make your desired selection (see graphic above), or call us at (320) 252-4721 and we will be happy to assist you.  
Financial and Infertility & Adoption Supplements
Samples of the Financial and Infertility & Adoption Supplements are included in the Preview Packages and are available free to download from our web-site under Facilitator Resources.

We have been asked by many, if they could purchase the pre-printed version from us. 

Per this request, we have added them to our material order form and these supplements can be purchased in packs of 10 for $10 each plus postage.

We will continue to offer these on our web-site as a free down.

Coming within the next two months: Catholic Identity Supplement.
Schedule a Training in your area
If you would like to schedule a training, please contact Jill at (320) 258-7611. We would be happy to arrange it!