Scholarships Making a Difference
With graduation season at its end, The Foundation is proud to announce that, because of our generous donors, over 25 scholarships were awarded to Seminole County Public School graduates this year. 

As a diverse and community-driven scholarship program, we administer a number of different funds that support athletes, JROTC cadets, students entering trade programs, artists, and much more. 

Congratulations All Around!
We were thrilled to celebrate our Take Stock in Children senior scholars at their Graduation Celebration presented by Addition Financial earlier this month! These 21 students worked hard and together achieved 100% graduation rate, earned an average 3.4 GPA, completed 1,400 community service hours and received over $140,000 value in TSIC scholarships! A big congrats to our TSIC Class of 2019!

Equally exciting are the 25 new students entering the Take Stock in Children program. Every student in the class of 2023 will be a first-generation college graduate. We congratulate and welcome our Class of 2023! 

Taking Care of Our Students Most in Need
A big thank you to the Heathrow Women's Club Inc. for their generous donation to The Foundation! This $12,500 donation will benefit two programs that help to support our students most in need, Take Stock In Children - Seminole and the district's Families In Need (FIN) program, which serves homeless or in-need students.
The Foundation and the students of Seminole County Public Schools thank you!
Have You Heard?
CFE is now Addition Financial ! Get your SCPS Addition Financial debit card today – it’s sporting the new name but still supports the students and teachers of Seminole County Public Schools

Every time you use your SCPS debit card, #AdditionFinancial will make a donation to The Foundation.
Thank you to  Wells Fargo , longtime supporter, for their recent $10,000 donation to  Take Stock In Children - Seminole . These funds will support this Foundation program as we welcome 25 freshmen scholars who are poised to be the first in their families to attend college.

All our scholars thank you for investing in them Wells Fargo !
What a "WILD"  SCPS Dividends/Community Involvement  Dividend Celebration this year presented by  Miller Realty Group .  The event celebrated the district’s volunteers and community business partners. The Foundation is proud to support this event and thanks all the volunteers who put in countless hours with Seminole County Public Schools !
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November 16, 2019
Our Mission
The Foundation's mission as a non-profit organization is to improve student achievement in Seminole County Public Schools by: raising and distributing funds and in-kind donations; fostering involvement in schools by business and the community; and providing recognition and rewards for outstanding contributions to, and performance within, the school system.
Today's students.
Tomorrow's productive citizens.