Special Webinar

Live Virtual Zoom Webinar
May 28th, 2020; 6:00 PM EST
Enhancing Efforts to Address the Prostate Cancer
Racial Disparity During and Beyond COVID-19
This webinar will feature faith leaders and PHEN, in a panel discussion to explore and outline strategies to meet the urgent need to support African American communities in the ongoing fight against prostate cancer in today's environment.
PHEN President and Founder
Boston, MA
Professor of Homiletics
Howard University
Washington, DC
Senior Pastor
Metropolitan Baptist Church
Tulsa, OK
Senior Pastor
New Mount Moriah AME Church, Jacksonville, FL
Senior Pastor
Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church, Philadelphia, PA
PHEN Director of Partnerships and Outreach
Washington, DC
PHEN Director of Clinical Trials and Patient Education
Boston, MA
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