Dear SML Community, 
I just finished my homework. My homework for the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training all SML staff are enrolled in this winter. Part of this week’s reading included the Stanford Social Innovation Review article about The Curb-Cut Effect, which highlights the public good that stems from lowering barriers to participation and contribution for those who have been traditionally excluded. It is a powerful statement that inspires us to identify and eliminate barriers to becoming a part of the Shoals community.

We all know the value of an SML experience; life-changing for so many. The summer you decided to become a scientist, published your first manuscript, collected data for your 60th manuscript, taught a field course you deeply loved, stood in the very spot Childe Hassam painted his poppy opus, found your first nudibranch crawling in a tide pool, had a teacher who cheered on your career aspirations, and so on. We each share a personal connection to our island campus. Wouldn’t it be exciting to know and work towards making these connections possible for everyone? 

At SML, we are working hard to lower barriers and so many of you have been critical players in making that possible. We also recognize that there is much more to do! Please remember and celebrate your connection to the lab by helping us make such experiences possible for others! Read below how you can support future SML students. Together – with everyone at the table – we can savor a future that strengthens our community, science, and our oceans!