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Fall Specials are Here!! Check Them Out!!

September - November 15th


Pelage Amazing Facials (yes they are life changing)

Brightening Facial 75 min

(A Perfect Apres Summer Fix) $160

If you have noticed your skin isn’t as bright as it was or maybe you have a few dark spots that were not there before summer.

This result-oriented brightening facial is the facial for you. This facial includes a few of our backbar favorites and Light Therapy. Leaving your skin hydrated and illuminated.


*For darker spots you might consider a more permanent solution using our state-of-the-art Laser. Ask your skincare therapist for details


Relaxing Facial 75 min $145

This facial is all about relaxing.

We will be using a blend of essential oils, a warmed bed, mittens, and a neck roll. Your Skincare Therapist will choose the perfect combination of products to freshen, hydrate and relieve tension in your skin. The hand, arm and neck massage will truly let you escape.

BONUS: Receive a FREE bath bomb, so you can continue the relaxation at home.

Nano Peel $200 reg. $250

Relatively new to the scene, this treatment feeds and directs the skin for a maximum optimization and renewal. 

We have many options to choose from....  

  • Hyperpigmentation (AKA dark spots)
  • Redness (Flushing + Thinning Skin)
  • Fine Lines + Wrinkles (from sun exposure and normal ageing)
  • Collagen Production 
  • Acne

Click for more info on Nanotechnology

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Laser Treatments

Skin exposed to prolong sun or UV light (through clouds or windows) will tan. Some will get a burn; some will get dark spots or freckles.

All prolonged skin exposure will lead to

skin damage later in life.

This exposure often leads to hyperpigmentation *dark spots, red blotchy skin, and dry skin unable to hold moisture later in life.

Getting your skin back to a healthy condition can help prevent advanced skin aging and skin cancer. 

Hyperpigmentation or Dark Spots

This is a quick and easy way to get rid of those pesky dark spots that can give away your age.

Our laser targets unwanted hyperpigmentation or freckles, they will peel off in a few days.

*More than one treatment may be needed.

Small Area or 1 Spot     $100

Face, Chest, Arms  $250 

Dark spots_ freckles_hyperpigmentationmelasma or chloasma_concept - sk...
capillaries on the skin of the face

Skin Revitalization Face, Chest, and Hands

This treatment is for red, pigmented, lackluster, and loose skin. A perfect treatment for chronic redness or areas that have been over-exposed to the sun. The best results are seen with a series of treatments approx 3- 4 weeks apart.

Small Area (Cheeks, Nose) $150 reg $200 Series of 3 $500

Medium Area (Face, Chest) $250 reg $300 Series of 3 $700  

Permanent Hair Removal

Our laser is safe and effective. If you have unwanted hair it's time to get rid of it for good.

Buy 1 Treatment and

get a second ½ off

(Equal or lesser value) 

Woman with hairs on chin. Hair removal on face.


wrinkled woman skin with lips


Vobella® XC is specifically tailored to add subtle volume to the lips + smooth the appearance of vertical lip lines. It has been specifically developed as a smooth gel to give a soft, natural feel.

We don’t always carry .5 CC so book your appointment now to reserve your spot. 

.5 CC Syringe $485

Retail Specials


15% Off Selected Products:

  • Extreme Protect
  • Lip Duo
  • Firming Complex
  • C Eye Complex
  • Hydra Intensive Cooling Masque
  • Youth Serum
  • Youth Body Serum

Jane Iredale

25 Years of Clean Beauty that is cruelty free and high performance.

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Buy 3 items get 25% off

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