What Spiritual Adventures Await You?
For many people, this year has seen the beginning of deeper awakenings and transformations.

That’s why I’d like to share some special Spiritual Hypnosis holiday gifts to help with your self-exploration and spiritual wellness. 

Perhaps, like so many of us, you’ve let your spiritual and self-care practices lapse somewhat during the pandemic as you’ve been dealing with the election, the daily disruptions to our lives, the uncertainty about the future…

To bring a focus to your inner journey, here are several valuable holiday offers for 1:1 Spiritually Transformative Experiences.

Save $100.00 All Spiritually Transformative Experiences now only $99.00.

  • Past Life Regression - Are previous lives influencing your current life?
  • Life Before Life Regression - Why did you choose to be born?
  • Journey to the Akashic Records - What is your life purpose?
  • Soul Entrainment® - Access the wisdom of your Soul.
  • Generational Healing - Heal energetic remnants from your lineage.
  • Meeting Your Angels and Guides - Open to guidance from your Helpers.
  • Awakening to Bliss - Tap into your body's 'Bliss Molecule'.
  • Core Transformation - Experience alignment with your deepest self.
  • Aligning Perceptual Positions - You may remember reading my extraordinary personal story with this process in a newsletter several months ago. Copies of all back issues can be found on my website HERE. Look for: https://conta.cc/2F7enk9 .

Save $77.00 All Level-1 hypnosis packages now only $400.00.

If you’ve ever received a private email from me, you have seen my signature tagline: "Let hypnosis help you get the results you want. Change is much easier than staying the same."

What does this mean? You can move past the struggle of keeping old, unhelpful - yet familiar - behavior patterns in place and open yourself to a new way of life with more choices.
I offer three packages (or Levels) of sessions, priced at considerable discount. With Level-1, you’ll enjoy 3 hypnosis sessions/4 hours in total.

What will you explore? Common topics are habit change, pain management, fears and phobias, sports improvement, stress management, enhancing creativity, breaking through barriers, motivation, weight management, inner conflict, confidence & self-esteem, sleep improvement, mending a broken heart … the list is endless.
I care about making your life a little bit (or a lot) better and am determined to support you as you orient more towards your inner work and personal growth.

Call to schedule your session or to arrange for a gift certificate for a friend or family member. All sessions are held online on Zoom.

Save $9.95 The pdf version of ‘Experiencing Spiritual Hypnosis - Book Two of the Spiritual Hypnosis Series’ now only $10.00.                                                                                 
I am a contributing author in this compilation of hypnotic case histories. Read how my client's experience with Past Life Regression helped him to turn his self-defeating attitude into one of healing and self-empowerment

Payment is accepted through Paypal HERE (scroll to bottom of page). 
Also accepting personal checks payable to 'Kathryn McGlynn'.
Send to: P.O. Box 432, So Weymouth, MA 02190.

Access these deals through Friday Dec 4 at 12PM EST.

Questions? Contact Kathryn: 781-340-2146 or ybglum@juno.com
4 Minutes of Laughter
Need an uplift? HERE'S 4 straight minutes of Bill Hader laughing. He’s a Saturday Night Live alum who is being egged on by another SNL alum, comedian John Mullaney. 'Nuf said.   
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Jan 4 : 17th Annual World Hypnotism .............Day

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Resending Complimentary mp3

Evidently some people had difficulty accessing the mp3 I sent last week to help manage holiday eating.

HERE is a new link to download the 'Celebrations, Holiday and Vacation Planner' mp3.

Monthly mp3 Sale

All mp3 titles are on sale for only $10, regularly $12, until Dec 31.

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To Your Very Good Health,


The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.  

~ Tony Robbins
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