Continuum Movement Spring 2019 Newsletter

A Letter from Donnalea Van Vleet Goelz
Dear Continuum Community,

Spring is here and a lot of wonderful things are happening in Continuum Movement and I wanted to share them with you. 

We just finished the new Teacher Trainings 1 and 2 in the US and it was especially fruitful.  The new future teachers of Continuum Movement in Europe and the US bring so much to our field of being. I am truly excited about the future of Continuum with so many talented individuals joining us to share this work. There is a photo below with the very special guests that visited us and that we dialogued with.  
Module 1 and 2 participants with special guests Stephen Porges, Sue Carter, Bessel van der Kolk, and Licia Skye. Thank you all for making this such a wonderful shared time.
Here is a list of what is happening with more info on each topic:
Continuum Movement Research
Research projects are underway at the University of North Florida. Also, offices are opening at Cobalt Moon Center for the different organizations that I am involved in for somatic research- The Atlantic Beach Institute, ECD Research Initiative, and SURF (Somatic Understanding Research Project- a not for profit organization). Offices are due to open in early summer. See the poster boards from research at a recent conference below.
Memories of Emilie

People are loving this tribute to Emilie by some of her dearest friends: Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Don Hanlon Johnson, Gary David, Teri Carter, and Jamie McHugh with many more to come!

Click here to see:
Film Documentary Project
Very exciting progress with this project-

Another act of love for Emilie and the community that I have undertaken is the creation of an artistic film of Emilie and the philosophy of Continuum Movement.  I am collaborating with two very acclaimed and wonderful filmmakers and visual storytellers to work on this project with me.  Jill Sharpe ( ) and Bill Weaver ( ) are amazing artists that I feel help change the world through their art form. Our hope is to do a really wonderful film that honors Emilie and our work.  We intend to submit this film to festivals and in doing so, develop more awareness and more of a following for the Continuum Movement work. 
Teacher Training Modules 
We have two amazing groups going: one in Europe (Greece/ Ellada) and one in Florida—with some of the most brilliant, loving, kind people that I have met.   

There are plans to start a new group in Singapore in November. This program is wonderful for individuals if they wish to study and teach Continuum but also for deepening one's individual understanding of Continuum and to help facilitate one's healing process. If you are interested in deepening your understanding of Continuum please contact us for more information at the

We have the ability to offer a few partial scholarships to students who are deeply committed and have a need for some help. Scholarships are limited and will be determined on need and first come basis. Again please feel free to contact our office for more information .
Studio in Florida
As many of you know we closed the Santa Monica Studio – it was sad to do but it was the time. I am happy to report that items have been moved to the Water Studio (which was dedicated personally to Emilie in 2002).  They look fantastic in the studio – see picture. I am also figuring out how to create a whole separate studio dedicated to Jungle Gym with all of Emilie’s creations – the web, the flight plan, and many explore boards.  Which brings me to the next good thing that will be happening.

New Jungle Gym Workshop and Certification 2020
I, and many of you that I have talked to, believe it is important to bring back this program. If you look at what Emilie worked on for many, many years of her life it was the idea of how to do fitness in a healthy and creative way.  I was just going over the 15 big plastic boxes of films and pictures of Emilie’s (which we plan to have up in the cloud for special access for teachers and some general access for students and community) and I realized how much Emilie put importance on finding a new form of  “fitness” for the body. It is by far the greater amount of her life’s work—I have the evidence ;-).

New ideas, scientific understandings that have developed over the last 5 to 10 years will be brought into the new program.
New Website!

The website has a new look. The teachers' pages have a lot of new functions such as a gallery for their pictures, new links, and other fun functions.

Explore the new site: 
New Teachers
We finished the first set of 10 modules and the most fantastic group of individuals is now teachers (and family for life).  The training involves understanding the philosophy and being able to have “Continuum Movement” in one’s body but it does go beyond that.  I was an education major at UNF and my understanding of education and teaching is based on knowing that it is an art form and that one can learn to deepen into a better teacher by understanding social and psychological issues occurring in one’s class and methods to best handle such situations.  I am especially interested in having teachers who know how to deal with students who have suffered trauma and deep psychological stress.  Our graduates carry this wisdom and know how. 
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