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June 2017
Enjoying Summer Season Benefits
Getting Outside for Your Health and Self-Care
Some of us have been waiting for it-this is the month for the longest daylight of the year, the 21 st, a welcome antidote for the short, dark days of winter, when we go to work in the dark and it's already dark before we leave.  Cheer up. It's six months before we have to deal with that again.

Now is that time when it seems we have a few hours left to do things even after the workday is done.  More time to eat outside, sip summer beverages, watch the sunset over the mountains, and just play in what feels like a gift extension of the day.

Just the Facts:  Trauma

Trauma is a reaction when a person is overwhelmed by events or circumstances and responds with intense fear, horror, and helplessness.  Extreme trauma can override a person's capacity to cope and can cause a number of physical health conditions as well, such as diabetes, COPD, heart disease, cancer and high blood pressure.

Trauma Informed Care
What is it? How does it help?
Trauma Informed Care is a specialized approach that deals with trauma that people have gone through in a way that helps the trauma survivor experience support and not re-traumatization.  By identifying a traumatic experience and understanding how it might be affecting them, they can work on ways to recover from it and get back to a more productive life.

Unfortunately trauma is a part of life that we'd rather not experience, or deal with, but often have to anyway.  It can happen in several ways:  from going through a traumatic experience to witnessing or even hearing about one. 

At the time, or even long after the experience, certain other situations can "trigger" or bring back the same feelings and make the person feel like they are going through it all over again, "paralyzing" their usual ability to cope and get on with life.

Trauma Informed Care encourages the use of evidence-based and tested treatments that help to minimize the effects without causing additional trauma.  In other words, it helps the person separate from and disconnect some of the strong emotions and effects of the trauma and reprogram their responses so the trauma doesn't keep them in its grip.

The treatment can involve several approaches, guided by a therapist trained in how to deal with trauma. Whatever the appropriate method, the goal is to create an environment that builds on the person's inherent strengths, promotes natural supports, and builds hope and a vision for the future.

Jefferson Center has a number of therapists trained to help people learn about and process through debilitating trauma.  If you want to learn more or talk with someone about it, please call 303-425-0300.
Just for Newsletter Subscribers!
Pre-sale Registration Available for Putt Your Stuff for Mental Health

Be the first to select your flight time for our popular mini-golf event! Get your foursome together (or join us as an individual and meet new friends) and have fun while supporting Jefferson Center programs and services.  This family friendly event at  Putter's Pride, an  obstacle laden mini-golf complex,  includes Famous Dave's BBQ, prizes, and friendly competition!

Thursday, July 27, 2017
4:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Putters Pride, 3604 S. Kipling Street, Lakewood

Welcome to our New Corporate Partner!
Jefferson Center is thrilled to announce a new corporate partnership with DevelopIntelligence headquartered in Boulder, CO.  The company provides software learning and training solutions worldwide and will be contributing a percentage of its net profits to the Jefferson Center Foundation as a fulfillment of management's and employee's commitment to support mental health and wellness in our community.  We are excited to have them on board and engaged with mental and emotional wellness all along the Front Range.
Thanks for making Mental Health Awareness Month a Success!
Our thanks to you for helping us "Reach Out for Mental Health" as the campaign slogan reminded us during May.  Our message:  It's OK to reach out for help, as well as pass it on--reach out to friends or family members who might be struggling.  We couldn't have done it without you!

Thank you to the...
  • 10 Cities and Counties that executed Mental Health Month proclamations
  • Rheinlander Bakery for offering cupcake therapy and 3 Sons Restaurant for a night out, and everyone who visited these generous establishments.
  • 1050+ community members who stopped by our information tables at the Community Resource Fairs
  • 85 people who received stress screenings at three 9Health Fair sites
  • 1,500 students at Jeffco, Gilpin and Clear Creek county schools who learned about mental health and wore their green ribbon stickers .
  • 52 people who attended Mental Health First Aid classes
  • 13 Rotary Clubs who invited us in to talk about mental health
  • Over 1,900 readers of our 4 Community Newsletters educating others about mental health wellness
  • More than 30 organizations who shared their Big Green Ribbon "selfies" at #ReachOut4MH, including City Wide Banks, Community First Foundation, Arvada Police Department, and more.
And that's only a partial list.  Thanks to you, the more we inform our communities, the more people get help and the better we all are.  Give yourselves a resounding High-5!  

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