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Summer is Almost Here!
There is so much to enjoy about summer - particularly, all of the ways to save while having fun! 

You don't have to break the bank while enjoying yourself. There are plenty of free and low-cost activities for you and your entire family! Save for the holidays or retirement, instead of spending money on an overpriced summer vacation, or that expensive, new jet ski.
Why not check out some of the free events being offered in your town? 

Click here for 20 "Free to See" U.S. festivals this summer. If you cannot find your city on the list, it might be the perfect time to plan a low-cost road trip and go on a quest for fun!

Need to cool off instead? You can still go swimming if you do not own a pool! There are plenty of options such as beaches, recreational lakes, swimming holes and public pools. 
Nighttime is usually the coolest time of the day. It's best to turn off the air conditioning and leave the windows open while you sleep. When you wake up, close the windows and then keep the blinds closed until noon.

You can then turn the A/C back on later in the day if the heat becomes unbearable. But remember that your energy bill will be lower if there is a small difference between the indoor and outdoor temperature. So be sure to set the thermostat to the highest temperature that is comfortable.