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The 18-year-old, award-winning Roswell Ghost Tour (RGT) is the answer to all your spooky, Halloween fun-filled fantasies. Not only do Roswell residents appreciate the mysterious excursion, but the RGT has won countless awards; including the USA Today Readers' Choice Award, the Tourism Partner Award, the Best of Atlanta Award, and many more . The tour received additional acclaim when it was featured on an episode of SyFy's "Ghost Hunters." This paranormal phenomenon is one that you will surely need to experience for yourself!
Antebellum mansions and ruined mills where toilsome moans from the w orkers are  said to be heard are some of the haunted locations that can be explored on your visit. Lucky for you, this tour is year-round, so you have plenty of time to satisfy all your paranormal cravings. The tour is two and a half hours and only covers a mile-long walk. Departure schedules are in detail on the website, and is from the bandstand in the Roswell Town Square. Reservations are required. Please arrive 15 minutes before the tour starts. Fees are $15 for adults and $10 for children 12 and under. If a regular Ghost Walk doesn't get your blood pumping enough, on October 7th, a special "Investigative Tour" will be offered. Scope out the grounds of paranormal activity, become like a real ghost hunter and discovery more thrills yourself. Equipment will be provided, but you can also bring your own.   

One of the things that make the tours exceptional -- they are owned by paranormal investigators who like to educate about paranormal activity. They don't fabricate stories that are gory and designed to purposely frighten the participants. 
Do not miss out on your opportunity to have one of the most chilling and captivating Halloween experiences of your life! Not only will you get a chance to learn further about Roswell's riveting history,  but also enjoy a fun night for you and guests!
Throughout the year on the third Saturday of each month a special "Bring Your Leashed Pet" tour is offered. For all the many types of tours, details, or to make reservations go online at www.roswellghosttour.com.

wineTwo Everyday Philanthropists Created the Roswell Wine Festival

The Fifth Roswell Wine Festival is a sold-out event on Sunday, October 1. It is quickly becoming one of the most popular fundraisers in Roswell. It began with an idea in the minds of Peggy Robinson and Dwight Cunningham shortly after they moved to Roswell in 2012.
Here's a Q&A with one of the founders, Peggy Robinson:
Where did you get the idea of a Wine Festival for Roswell?
Dwight and I met in college and had been going to other wine festivals for many years. We decided that Roswell would be a great place to start a wine festival. The demographics were strong and there was a growing presence of restaurants along Canton Street in the historic district. I actually pitched the mayor on the event when I was eight months pregnant. I joked next year when we want the festival to occur, I will be ready for a glass of wine. Five years later, neither Dwight nor I have had the opportunity to enjoy a full glass at the event because we have been so busy. Perhaps we will get a chance this year!
How has the community responded to your event?
We are grateful to have sold out all five years we have hosted the festival. We have thoughtfully increased the number of tickets we sell each year in order to manage growth and ensure a great experience for our patrons.
What are your professions or background?
I am a VP of marketing at a software company (InfoTycoon). Dwight is Senior Automotive Data Specialist at AutoTrader.
What has made this event so successful?
There are many ingredients that have contributed to the success of the event. Our restaurant partners and the picturesque Canton Street backdrop are very important because our festival is a little different than most. From a logistics standpoint, I imagine our event is among one of the largest in terms of space. Our restaurants extend across a half-mile top to bottom and we have a few offshoots. The southern charm of Roswell is on full display as festivalgoers stroll along tasting wine at the city's top-notch restaurants. From a management perspective, we wanted to manage the growth of the event to ensure a great experience. We did not want to have an event where our ticket holders had long lines at each tasting table. From there, word of mouth has really helped with our sales. We have a very loyal following and they are very active on social networks.

Who are your corporate sponsors?
We have two corporate platinum sponsors (Hennessy Jaguar Land Rover North Point and Cruise Planners | Michael Consoli ) and three restaurant platinum sponsors (Osteria Mattone, Table & Main, and Vin25). All of our sponsors can be located on our website.
How many restaurants or shops are participating?
We will have over 75 participants this year and approximately 200 wines.
What charity will benefit from the proceeds of your event?
Keep Roswell Beautiful

Among the attendees this year will be six journalists from the International Food, Wine and Travel Writers Association (IFWTWA) headquartered in California. The journalists are experiencing Roswell on a Press Familiarization Tour hosted by the Roswell Convention & Visitors Bureau - Visit Roswell.

The International Food Wine & Travel Writers Association (IFWTWA) is a global network of journalists who cover the hospitality and lifestyle fields, and the people who promote them. If you see the writers at the festival, please welcome them to the city of Modern Spirit and Southern Soul where they can see American philanthropy at its best.

TrilogySouthern Trilogy Giveaway
The "Southern Trilogy", Roswell's Historic House Museums - Barrington Hall, Bulloch Hall and Smith Plantation - are open to the public for visits and exploration. Closely situated as neighbors in the historic town of Roswell, each home has its own cultural bounty to share and its own part of the Southern Trilogy Story to tell. Majestic trees and grounds, an antebellum garden, and stately homes filled with memorabilia, have withstood the test of time and tell stories that are as unique as the manors themselves.
ENTER A DRAWING TO WIN two free passes to the Southern Trilogy House Museums - drawings are every month! Click here to register.
  Beer Snobs, Rejoice!

It has been about a month since the state of Georgia began permitting local consumers the legal right to buy a beer to drink on site at local breweries and to purchase a case a day directly from the brewery.  Brewpubs are also allowed to sell beer to customers for take-home.
Georgia is the very last state in the country to allow direct sales from breweries to the consumer.
Roswell's entrepreneurial breweries made plans to begin implementation quickly to serve the needs of their customers and to raise awareness of the craft beer industry in the city.  
Gate City Brewing Company  on Magnolia Street (near the intersection of Magnolia & Canton) was the first to open in Roswell and has developed a strong reputation and loyal patrons. 
Next came Georgia's first female brewery owner & brew master, Kathy Davis with Abbey of the Holy Goats Brewery (fascinating story about the name - be sure to ask her).  This brewery is located in Northfield, just off old Roswell Road and has become a popular spot to gather for those who love craft beer.
Variant Brewing Company  will open in October on Norcross Street, a short distance from Canton Street. The building is beautiful and we are promised the beers will be exceptional. 
From the Earth Brewing Company  (Brewpub) will also open this fall at 1570 Holcomb Bridge Road and will be Roswell's first farm to table brewpub with locally sourced cuisine, great beers and craft cocktails.
The breweries have a calendar filled with fun happenings, so check them out  and watch for announcements about the 2 grand openings this fall.

mimosaRoswell's Great History Story  
Roswell, Georgia is perhaps one of the finest "living history destinations" in the South.  For years, the Roswell City Council and many visionary citizens have been dedicated to preserving the past and making it alluring to visitors.
Historic Roswell is a 640-plus acre popular destination, which includes dynamic uptown and downtown areas. It includes the South's only Southern Trilogy Historic House Museums:  Barrington Hall, Bulloch Hall and Smith Plantation.

The history of Roswell is more than just the physical or architectural history, it encompasses the industrial history of early mills where water powered the mills and drove the economy of the town of Roswell but also empowered the economy of the State of Georgia.
The natural history includes the Chattahoochee River and its tributaries, marsh areas and woodland trails. It was this "natural history" that led Roswell King's vision of a mill empire and nearby town.
Mimosa Hall-  From  Place of Peril to Place of Preservation 
Mimosa Hall is the city's latest historic acquisition.  
Photo Courtesy of Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby's International Realty
On November 16, 2016, one of the most revered Roswell historic landmarks was placed on the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation's 2017 list of ten "Places in Peril."
Designed and built i n 1840  by John Dunwody (later spelled Dunwoody), Mimosa Hall is a stunning Greek R evival with its lush and iconic gardens created by one-time owner, Atlanta architect Neel Reid. The city of Roswell recently purchased the house and 9 acres with plans to respect the property's historic significance and ensure the preservation of Mimosa Hall for years to come.
Mark McDonald, President and CEO of the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation , was interviewed about the significance of the preservation of Mimosa Hall.
1.  What is the historical significance of Mimosa Hall to the city of Roswell and the state of GA?
Mimosa Hall and the other historic house museums in Roswell represent a richer architectural heritage than can be found in the city of Atlanta, which is a much larger geographical and populated area.   The city of Roswell's leadership has shown great vision in protecting Mimosa Hall and surrounding property, especially the Neel Reid designed gardens.  
2.  Why did the GA Trust for Historic Preservation list Mimosa Hall in the top ten lists of 2017 "Places in Peril?"
The GA Trust had received word that Mimosa Hall was going to be put on the market.  Our organization felt that this property, with its unique location in the heart of the historic district and being adjacent to Bulloch Hall, must be preserved.  We endeavor to become partners with communities in order to bring about preservation solutions. 

3.  Give us your over-all impression of the historical significance of Mimosa Hall to the other Roswell's assets - The Southern Trilogy: Barrington Hall, Bulloch Hall and Smith Plantation.
Roswell can now be called a Southern Quadruplet but no doubt Mimosa Hall can enhance the existing Southern Trilogy sites .  It is a treasure to the city, state and nation. This purchase demonstrates that the community values its history, the quality of life for its citizens and future generations. 
Mimosa Hall is not currently open to the public but watch for more information to be released in the near future.

Five Free & Fun Things to enjoy.
Roswell is full of exciting free activities. Here are a few...
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Roswell, GA is all about Southern hospitality, we would love for you to meet the wonderful people at the Visit Roswell CVB and Visitors Center.

Stop by when you get a chance, and they will help you fall in love with Roswell, GA.
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