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November 2020
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A huge thank you to Seth MacMillan of who shot and produced the video. We are so appreciative to Seth for his ability to capture the essence of MoonRise Therapeutics.
Horses Teach Us To Make Space For Our Emotions
Processing emotions is always important but the pandemic has required many of us to process our emotions in new and creative ways.

Fortunately, at MRT horses guide us to discover something new about who we are and how we react. Horses do not deceive or manipulate, they react to what lies in our hearts. Horses continually ask us to slow down, create space and just BE WITH our emotional, mental and spiritual selves without judgement. It is in this relationship that we are invited to open up and see ourselves in a new light. Here, in this calm and connected space, we can begin to feel the transformational energy take root.  

Emotions can reap havoc on our lives and impact how we think and how we act. Emotions can also be some of our best teachers and help us to grow into our best selves. They deserve our time and respect. During individual and group sessions, clients make new discoveries about themselves and their reactions. They are able to acknowledge and process difficult emotions, strengthening their resilience and ability to move on.
-From all us at MoonRise - be safe, be healthy, and be well.
MoonRise and Vermont Adaptive
MRT partnered with Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports to host Veterans on a chilly October morning. Each participant identified a few goals to focus on during their time at MRT. Goals centered on increasing a sense of calm, verbal and nonverbal communication, building confidence, and becoming aware of one's emotions. Following a welcome in the barn and setting goals, the participants moved out to the pastures to spend time with the horses. Observation of horse behavior and communication led to greeting and grooming the horses, and eventually even to some independent leading of their horses. Individuals established relationship for basic communication with the horses. Participants learned about the impact of partnering with horses in relation to themselves and others, specifically – breathing techniques, body language and non-verbal cues, as well as the power of touch. Participants commented at the end of the morning, "the calm welcoming feeling at MoonRise is just what I needed." Another person, "The unstructured time allowed me to relax." And yet another, "Nice to step away from my everyday life and learn to communicate with these large animals." MRT looks forward to continuing this partnership with Vermont Adaptive.
MoonRise and High Horses
MRT and High Horses (HH) have partnered to provide equine assisted psychotherapy offerings at HH in Sharon, VT. The collaboration between these two distinguished organizations will continue to transform our clients’ life experiences through partnership with our horses. Equine assisted mental health counseling offers clients a gentle approach to address and process root causes of symptoms emerging from unresolved adverse childhood experiences or other forms of trauma. Horse interactions within the therapeutic process allow clients the opportunity to learn different ways of engaging in relationships, increasing the ability to choose meaningful behavior while decreasing emotionally driven reaction. MRT provides the skilled clinical professionals to offer equine assisted mental health counseling sessions at HH. The sessions can be billed to the client’s VT Medicaid coverage and some private insurers, too. Currently at HH, MRT counselor Phil Prothero, LCMHC, works closely with MRT and HH instructor Sienna Whitney, an Equine Specialist in Mental Health. The two are pictured above working together at MoonRise during a professional development workshop last year, led by Sienna in the cowboy hat.
MRT is grateful to be the recipient of a Mascoma Bank Community Grant to support individual and group programming. This year, the $4,000 grant supported the Fall High School Peer Training Program, developing a partnership with Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports Veteran's Program, and individual equine psychotherapy sessions.
First Annual Walk
to Benefit MRT
The first annual Walk to Thrive in support of MoonRise Therapeutics hosted nearly forty walkers of all ages on a beautiful fall day in Taftsville. A handful of virtual participants from many distant locations throughout New England completed the walk as well. In a little over a week, MRT raised over $6,500 from donations in support of the Walk and the MRT THRIVE FUND. We anticipate this becoming an annual event and hope you will join us next year.

New Shed at MoonRise
An enormous thank you to Ben Fox, Robert Maynard and Christopher Pillsbury for their craftsmenship, time and energy for seeing this project to completion. The shed is a wonderful addition to MoonRise!
Welcome Alex McLeod!
New MRT Operations Director 
Alex joins the MoonRise team as the first Operations Director. As an experienced operations developer, skilled project manager and former high school English teacher, she has more than a decade of experience analyzing data, creating operations structure, and writing. Her background includes many fields including education, health and fitness, marketing, human resources, and non-profit management. Alex is a problem-solver and team-player who recognizes avenues for positive change and makes it happen. Her most recent job experiences include Treasurer and Board Member at Hartland Farmers Market, Operations and Communications Manager at Sustainable Food Lab, and Sales Communications Manager and Retail Operations Manager at Ibex Outdoor Clothing. Alex has the skills and energy to manage the overall operations of MRT and to assist with sustaining and moving the program forward. Alex lives locally with her husband and two year old daughter and in her spare time enjoys cooking, hiking, pottery, and poetry. 


We are $9,000 away from the Goal

HELP provide scholarships for people to attend MRT and THRIVE
Majority of programs include clients from under-served communities who are unable to afford our services.
HELP our highly trained therapy horses to THRIVE
MRT trained horses offer a grounding, calm, non-judgmental connection that is highly valued by our clients for their healing and coping and thus, horse care is a priority.
HELP us THRIVE with new protocols in place during COVID 19 pandemic
New protocols, training, and signage allow MRT to provide safe and healthy spaces for clients and programs.
HELP fund special equipment for Equine Assisted Mental Health Therapy to THRIVE
Special equipment is needed for adapting the riding experience for those with disabilities, replacing outdated helmets and other equipment used daily with horses and clients and investing in new equipment for innovative equine programming. 
HELP MRT Clinicians THRIVE with on-going professional development
Professional development for our own staff as well as MRT hosted clinics for the larger community.
Annual Meeting
Dec. 3 at 5:30 pm
via ZOOM
The 2020 annual meeting will include MRT monthly business and short presentations highlighting MRT work.

MRT Organizational Meeting Items
  • Financial Report
  • Operations and Personnel Report
  • Recognition of Departing Officers of the Board
  • Present and Elect New Officers of the Board
  • Presentation

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