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Merry Christmas!

All the staff and management of Collier Pest Control wish everyone a Joyous and Loving Christmas!

We appreciate the support, trust, and loyalty from all of our customers!! Thank you for your business!!
Phil and Sandy Hadley-owners of Collier Pest Control

December - What you need to know!
December Pests - Fleas and Treatment? 

Any home can become the home of Fleas, especially if you have a pet. We can help you rid your home of Fleas and problems they cause for a full 90 days. If your home has Fleas the time has come to treat it professionally.

Adult Fleas spend almost all their time on the host and feed many times a day from the host. On average, a female flea lays 15-20 eggs per day and for the 10-14 days that she is fertile. These female adult fleas lay eggs on the tops of your pet's hair.
As you pet rests or move through your home, these microscopic eggs drop onto the floor or furniture where they develop

Logan Woods Estates - Stan Lindsey Positive
Stan Lindsey
Photographer Stan Lindsey has a keen eye for seeing things and he likes everything to be in perfect order when he takes photographs.  

He also likes his home, nestled in the woods in Logan Estates, to be perfect too.  That's why he has used the pest control services of Phil Hadley and Collier Pest Control for over 25 years.

"I met Phil Hadley when we lived in our first home and brought him with me when we moved into this larger home,"says Stan.   "I like that we have the same technicians in and out of the house.  

They are familiar with our home and know exactly what they're doing......
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Ticks - The Brown Dog Tick?
The Brown Dog Tick is the most common tick here in beautiful Southwest Florida. The Brown Dog Tick does not vector any disease, such as Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Ticks are a serious problem and can cause major health problems if allowed to infest your living area. Ticks are not an insect and are closely related to the spider. Adult ticks have 8 legs, insects only have 6 legs.

All ticks are parasitic and feed on the blood of animals. Most ticks spend the majority of their
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Here's Some Really Cool Pests To Learn About
They Keep Coming Back To Visit? - Do This!

Scorpions are flattened, crab like animals having 10 legs and a fleshy tail. They have an upturned stinger at the end of their tail. There are over 1200 species of scorpions, but only 20 to 30 types are in the United States.

They are unique as they do not lay eggs and their young are born alive. After they are born, the mother will carry them until their first molt. Scorpions are most active at night hiding under boards, bark, rubbish, buildings off the ground, debris, under foliage growth, and palm fronds. Scorpion's sting! But, they only sting when. . . .... .
Meet Our Staff - William Quiles
My hometown is in Queens, but I grew up a Trojan going to Lely High School.

I've been in the pest control business for 18 years. The training I receive and the great staff are what makes work enjoyable and want to come to work every day. The staff is tops, bar none.

I'm pretty active in my community in organizations such as church, and Eagle Scouts of America.

My hobbies include fishing, hunting, church, and spending time with my wife Barbara and our four children. We have two boys and two girls.

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Collier Express - Treating Your Home Safely
The Collier Express takes advantage of today's technical advancements in pest control products and delivers it to you in an exterior pest control treatment that includes interior treatments only, at need, if a problem would occur.  Our Collier Express protects and controls the outside of your home from unwanted pests.

On our very first visit we will perform an extensive crack and crevice treatment to every part of the interior of your home.  We will treat all crack and crevices, voids and gaps, receptacles, plumbing and electrical pipes, and all construction gaps around the cabinets and vanities in your kitchen and bathroom..... .

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Collier Pest Control was awarded the Super Service Award again for 2014
Ann Kamenicky Testimonial for Collier Pest Control

Collier Pest Control, Southwest Florida's Pest Authority, wishes to thank all of the Angie List Members for giving Collier Pest Control positive reviews and reports on their network!  


After Angie's List received all of your positive reviews over each of the past years, Angie's List awarded Collier Pest Control with their Super Service Award for 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014.  This means we received A rated reports....


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Occupational Discounts
Collier Pest Control, Southwest Florida's Pest Authority, wants to be supportive of our community and the people that make it work! Collier Pest Control thinks very highly of all people that offer their life to the betterment of our community with their life work. This is why we are a offer pest control OCCUPATIONAL DISCOUNTS to all public service people of our community. Read More - Click Here
Offer Expires 12/30/2015. Proof of service may be required before applying the discount. Excludes Rodent Proofing and Termite Services.
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