STEM Sports® provides turnkey K-8 supplemental curricula. We deliver standards-aligned modules using Baseball, Basketball, BMX, Football, Golf, Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball, and Volleyball. These sports are used as real-life applications to drive STEM-based learning in classrooms, after-school programs, camps, and at home across the globe. 
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Greetings! and from all of us at STEM Sports®, we hope all is well with you and your family.
Year in Review: 2021

Heading into 2022, STEM Sports® is excited, motivated, and ready to continue providing K-8 students and educators with quality, engaging STEM educational opportunities. Before we head into the new year, we want to pause and take a look back at 2021 and all of its high points. 

Partner: Skyhawks Sports 

Skyhawks Sports is the leading provider of youth sports programs for children 4 to 14 years of age. Throughout 2021, we continued our strong partnership that allows for the unique combination of STEM education and physical activity. Both virtually and in person, this partnership brought quality STEM education to kids across the country. 
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Curricula Additions

Over the last 12 months, STEM Sports® curricula have benefitted 1,000’s of students in schools, after-school programs, and at home. We are currently in 49 states and continue to grow!

The most notable moments for our curricula this past year were:

  • The STEM Sports® All-Star kit was launched. This monthly subscription-based curriculum brings STEM education right into your home!

Our most popular STEM Sports® curricula in 2021 were:

Our goal at STEM Sports® is to find ways to engage every child by using the power of sports and revealing the science behind them.

Making News 

To learn more about what we were up to this year, continue reading this newsletter and see the stories, as told by the media, below. 

Hello 2022

The new year brings the opportunity for more growth and opportunity! We are excited to develop and provide new curriculum offerings to reach more students and provide outstanding engagement opportunities for teachers and education administrators. Our goal for the year is to get our curricula into more schools, homes, afterschool programs, and summer camps! Every child deserves stimulating, quality STEM education! 

Happy New Year to all of you!
Jeff Golner
President & CEO
STEM Sports®
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Our turnkey kits, kits without sports equipment, and ala carte supplemental curriculum manuals are all available for purchase via school purchase orders, checks, or credit cards. They deliver in five business days and you can begin implementing the curriculum training or professional development is required…
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Thanks to KTVK / 3TV in Phoenix for featuring Issac School District's Moya Elementary School and their wonderful 'STEM & Play' after-school program being run by our partner Skyhawks Sports. The program was featured during the station's Motivation Monday segment and there is more to the story. Issac School District's Director of Federal Programs, Aaron Harris, identified our program as a great fit for eight of the 10 schools in their district and was awarded ESSER Funds for full support! Click on the photo above to watch the television segment.
Cincinnati Bengals Tight End Drew Sample was looking for a way to connect with his community. Lo and behold, his representation identified STEM Sports® as a great way to link Drew to a local school. He acquired a STEM Football Supplemental Curriculum Kit from us and worked with the school to provide it for their educational use. "Being able to enjoy my favorite sport with the kids at Bond Hill and getting them excited to learn was an amazing experience! STEM Sports® allowed them to not only get moving and be active but learn the game of football," said the University of Washington graduate.
What a great way to score for the students at Bond Hill Academy School!
Carli Krueger, STEM Sports® Visual Playmaker, is a graphic designer, illustrator, copy editor, and brand strategist. She is also an adjunct professor at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University teaching Digital Design. She graduated in 2013 from the University of Montana with a degree in journalism. She’s worked for newspapers, the multifamily housing industry, and the Heard Museum – which included working on children’s exhibitions and education. A lifelong sports fan and learner, she’s excited to help marry STEM education with athletics through visuals.
Let's learn more about Carli:
What is your favorite STEM Sports® curriculum? 
  • Our STEM Golf Curriculum is very unique and robust. I think because it's generally a slower sport, it becomes very clear to see how geometry, physics, and engineering is at play in every move as soon as you bring up those ideas. I also think it's just a nice change of pace to bring that sport into school as it's less commonly accessible.
What was your favorite sport in high school?
  • I played a handful of sports in high school, but I played four years of varsity soccer so I'd have to say that's my favorite!
Is there a lesson in particular that you like most in one of our curricula? 
  • It's a tie between the "Design a Golf Course Hole" from our STEM Multi-Sport K-2 Curriculum, which focuses on engineering, or the capstone from STEM Lacrosse curriculum — which focuses on the history of the sport originated by several Native American tribes and really highlights their brilliant engineering.
What STEM Sports® curricula would you like to see next?
  • I am very into pickleball and find myself trying to engineer a better serve all the time so maybe STEM Sports could teach me a thing or two...
What do you enjoy most about working with the STEM Sports® team? 
  • I love how passionate our team is about what we do. It's so neat that we get to educate kids from an entry point outside of the traditional classroom. I hope that it helps all kids, but especially those who might need to look at math or science from a different angle.
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