STEM Sports® provides turnkey K-8 supplemental curriculum that uses sports as the real-life application to drive STEM-based learning in classrooms, after-school programs and camps.
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Greetings! and Happy New Year from all of us at STEM Sports®.
We are hopeful that you are safe and healthy. The past year has not been without strain and difficulty. We wish that you are experiencing ease and comfort in your lives, despite the unique circumstances.
Despite the difficulties that 2020 presented, STEM Sports® is proud of our accomplishments throughout the past year. During this time, we were able to upgrade and revamp all of our standards-aligned curricula and publish Volume 2 for grades 3-5 & 6-8 of STEM Basketball, STEM Football, STEM Multi-Sport grades, STEM Soccer, and STEM Volleyball. As a company, we are devoted to giving students and educators the highest quality curricula that will offer students the tools they need to improve their STEM literacy. With students in mind, we created new curricula as STEM Golf and STEM Multi-Sport specifically for grades K-2 are now available along with individual standardized lessons titled Playing with Precision, STEM FUN-DA-MENTALS, and STEM Stretching & Injury Prevention.
By expanding the scope of our curricula offerings, we can cater to a variety of sports interests, learning styles, and learning environments. Read below in this newsletter to learn more about other curriculum being developed for 2021. 
One of our biggest tasks and accomplishments of the year was adapting to virtual and remote learning needs. Our team worked hard to create digital tools to complement and necessitate learning functions during the pandemic.
And while that successful endeavor was occurring we received accreditation. is the longest continually-operating, privately-held STEM education research and credentialing organization in America. It is an honor to receive their approval in our mission to spread our supplemental curriculum throughout the United States and internationally. (Speaking of international markets, read below about a new partner organization in South America).
We are thrilled at this recognition and it bears great responsibility, which we are all prepared for. 
With January just barely beginning, we are truly excited and motivated about what this year will bring to the students and educators that use our unique and fulfilling curricula. And we hope only for the best for every one of you, and thank you for your continued support!
Our STEM Baseball program will give your students the green light to learn about the science behind the national pastime. Students will hit and run through our double-play combination of cognitive learning and physical activity as they round the bases through the eight module supplemental program. There’s nothing foul about adding STEM Baseball to your curriculum lineup when you know we’ll be covering the bases with lessons such as:
  • Learning about the composition of a baseball
  • Understanding the field of play on a baseball diamond
  • Hitting success at the plate
  • Engineering a pitching machine
All of our modules correlate to 5E lesson planning, and we even include an extra-inning, called Extend, to create a full count, bases-loaded opportunity for every student.
Change up the way you pitch STEM learning by utilizing our STEM Softball supplemental curriculum. We’ve sacrificed nothing for teachers, after-school administrators, and camp personnel as they will windmill through the science behind this great game.
Tag up and advance through lessons such as:
  • Understand the forces in softball
  • Study the evolution of a softball glove
  • Be a hitter and understand the offensive side of the game
  • Keeping score
*Raspberries not included
In each module, we put students in scoring position to see jobs and occupations lined out to each lesson’s objective. It’s what STEM is all about. Hit and run your way to STEM Softball today!
We recently had the opportunity to partner with FUDELA in Ecuador. FUDELA is an NGO that creates agents of change that contribute positively to society, based on service.
We translated STEM Soccer to Spanish and delivered several hours of formal curriculum training and professional development to the FUDELA team for our newly minted STEM Futbol curriculum. In 2021, we hope to continue expanding our reach and translating our curricula to cater to different markets around the world. 
High school robotics team creates portable ventilator
The Wolcott College Prep students used their competition experience to design the medical device.
A high school robotics team hopes to provide ventilators to those in need amid the coronavirus pandemic while inspiring younger generations to tackle current issues.
The Bionic Wolves of Wolcott College Prep is seeking clinical trials and FDA approval for its TETRIX Portable Ventilator, which only took two to three hours to make.
Bionic Wolves coach and physics teacher Kenny Bae said his team used recycled materials to create innovative devices in robotics competitions. The idea for the device was sparked by his students’ competition experiences and a global need for ventilators to aid the recovery of coronavirus patients, Bae said.
“As we’ve seen, there’s a huge demand for ventilators, not just in the U.S. but all over the world,” Bae said. “What if we could create a portable ventilator using the equipment we already have? That is the question we started with, and that’s what we’ve been working on from spring break until now.”
The ventilator was made with used cables, two iPhones, hand tools, a hardware controller, and a battery pack. The device can stay on for five hours straight.
“Right now, we’re trying to make sure that this product is viable by working with health care workers to get feedback about its practical use in a hospital setting,” Bae said. “And once that process works out, we have to get clinical testing.”
Great work and kudos to the Bionic Wolves of Wolcott College Prep!
Taylor Hedrick is the STEM Sports® Special Teams Player. A junior at Grand Canyon University by way of Redlands, California, Taylor has been a welcome addition to our team as she pursues her degree in Marketing and Advertisement. Taylor has been working on projects related to sales research and social media. In fact, STEM Sports® will soon be launching a TikTok channel. Be on the lookout for that, and in the meantime, get to know Taylor better below.
What was your favorite sport growing up?
Ever since middle school, I have been obsessed with playing and watching volleyball and continue to play beach volleyball in college. I also played softball and participated in karate and cheerleading growing up. The relationships and experiences that come with being on a team are the main reasons I chose the sports business path.

What is your dream job in sports?
My dream job in sports is to be the CEO of an NFL team.

In your opinion, who is the most influential person in sports?
The most influential athlete, for me, is hands down Kobe Bryant. He will always be remembered as one of basketball's biggest names for his amazing athleticism and impact on both youth and women's sports progress. Seeing him support his daughter at my high school volleyball tournaments was an unforgettable memory for me.

What is your favorite STEM Sports curricula?
My favorite STEM Sports® curriculum is the STEM BMX program. I had no idea there were so many STEM aspects that went into that sport. Growing up, it would have been amazing to learn the educational side of a new sport and receive a one-day membership to USA BMX to experience it like the pros, first hand. Not many people chose BMX as their first sport because it's not common in school systems, so its implementation at a younger age is extremely cool.

Thanks, Taylor! We're happy to have you on our squad!
We enjoy reading testimonials from teachers, school administrators, and after-school personnel. Here are a handful we received during the latter part of 2020.

"STEM Sports Curriculum is fun and easy to use. The students make connections between sports and academics with a high level of engagement. The teachers are confident that using the STEM Sports curriculum is a value as all activities are connected to standards."
Alicia Majercin, NBCT
Gifted Specialist/Accelerated Math/Integrated Reading
Pueblo Elementary School - Scottsdale Unified School District

"I love the STEM Sports curriculum and have really enjoyed teaching the lessons in a wide range of sports. I like how engaging the lessons are for the children with the 6 Es and getting them thinking more in-depth about sports and the science behind them. Plus, if the children really like the lesson, we can do extension activities to explore the content even further and in more detail. The lessons' sports component makes learning about STEM fun and allows the children to have better comprehension and understanding of the science concepts through real-world applications in sports. The lessons also open the door to conversations about STEM-related careers in sports and show the students that they can still be involved in the sports that they love, not just as an athlete. The children's favorite part of all the STEM lessons would be exploring the Engineering Design Process. They imagined, designed, and built some very creative engineering projects and prototypes then tested their designs and made improvements as needed to make them even better."
Kat Jarvis
Columbus & Cleveland Area Manager 

"STEM Sports has positive and innovative STEM sports equipment to help our youths excel physically and mentally. This company makes sure you understand how everything works and is always interested in how our kiddos liked the products!"
Annie Ansell
Executive Director
Dysart Community Center

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