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Beach Etiquette
The sun, sand and water has its own set of etiquette guidelines.  The close proximity of beachgoers makes following good etiquette essential.  Remember etiquette is simply practicing respect, consideration, kindness and inclusion.  Nowhere does this have more value than at the beach.
  1. Blasting Music
    The beach is open airwaves. Be considerate of the volume and lyrics of your musical choices.
  2. Sand Space
    The sand must be shared. A good rule of thumb is four to five feet between you and other sun lovers. This is not always possible. Remember the beach is public. Go early.
  3. Stalking
    Lingering with strangers is tricky. Flirt and keep going. Some people are just being polite.
  4. Swimwear
    The beach is a family venue, with people in various stages of dress. Make sure your swimwear is not offensive. 
  5. Gawking
    The beach will have sun lovers of all shapes and sizes. Relentless staring is not allowed. 
  6. Public Space
    The beach is not the place for public drama. Keep it peaceful. Privacy is nonexistent on the beach.
  7. Litter
    Take your trash with you. Trash cans are usually plentiful on the beach.
  8. Smoking
    Though you are in the great outdoors, smoking should be done away from the beach. 
  9. The Birds
    Those seagulls may look cute and hungry. Don't feed them. One will become many.
  10. Sand Families
    If you want to party on the beach, stay away from those reading books. If you bring children, find a spot away from the party. 
Following some simple guidelines can make everyone's beach experience enjoyable.

Tip of the Month 
Baby Bib

Don't be the baby at the table.  Never use your napkin like a bib.


If you are a golf newbie, there are some things you should know
The spirit of the game of golf is to be respectful of other players' safety as well as their and your enjoyment of the game.  The same courtesies of etiquette extended in other parts of your life should be practiced on the greens.

Golf is a game of many rules.  Below are some tips for new golfers.
  1. Do your research. Be familiar with the game before you accept that tee time.  USGA.com sells an abridged, pocket size version of the rules of golf.  The least expensive yet most important part of your golf life. Free.
  2. Dress appropriately Jogging outfits, track or tennis shorts, blue jeans are all inappropriate. If in doubt call the club beforehand.
  3. Be on time. Eighteen holes of golf is going to take an average of four hours.  Time is of the essence.
  4. Silence your cell phone Golf is a game of strategy and concentration. Your cell phone is not welcome.
  5. Have fun!
Nowhere is good etiquette more important than on the golf course, where you find yourself in close proximity with others.  Your character is on display while playing golf, others will translate these behaviors to the world outside of golf.  Make sure your golf game and your business game are in agreement


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