Enjoy the true taste of
Italy this month with 
Casa Belvedere and Terra Foods.
Savor creamy burrata, buffalo mozzarella, pancetta, guanciale and many other quality imported items from Italy! 
Support us, Shop, and Celebrate 
Italian Heritage Month all at once! 
The shop is open NOW UNTIL October 31
Terra Foods will donate 15% of its profits to 
Casa Belvedere and its mission.
Here’s how you can enjoy Italian delicacies
and support Casa Belvedere:
  1. Click the link to enter the store at www.terrafoodsllc.us 
  2. Once you've shopped and are ready to check out, make sure to type CASA BELVEDERE in the “other comments” section so your order counts. 
  3. Then receive and enjoy your goodies direct from Italy!  
Order today and get your fresh Italian food delivered nationwide:
Check out some of our favorites
for a quick and delicious meal!
Rigatoni night!
Rigatoni pasta, cherry tomatoes
with capers and green olives,
Sicilian grated pecorino! 
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"Casa Belvedere"
Spaghetti night!
Spaghetti, cherry tomatoes sauce, pancetta tesa
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"Casa Belvedere"
Treat yourself or send as a gift! 
Nationwide deliveries only $10.
A taste of Sicily Rigatoni pasta!
Rigatoni pasta, cherry tomatoes porcini mushroom sauce, ricotta salata
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"Casa Belvedere"
Pasta with a twist!
Calamarata pasta, classic cherry tomatoes sauce, guanciale and grana padano
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"Casa Belvedere"