MCCW January Newsletter
Dear Sisters in Christ,

Welcome to 2020! The MCCW leadership team has been talking about 2020 for a long time because this is a Forum year. We will gather in San Antonio, Texas from April 23-26 for Forum 2020: Fiat--Our Yes to Christ.

Every two years, MCCW hosts a worldwide gathering of military-affiliated women from each of our seven regions. Forum is a time to connect with old friends and new; to unite in worship, praise, and faith formation; and to be inspired to take all that we have learned back to our home communities and share it far and wide. 

Unlike our retreats, which focus on personal spiritual growth, Forum helps us look toward sharing our gifts outwardly through our domestic churches, our chapel and parish ministries, and beyond. 

We are excited about all we have in store for Forum 2020: guest speakers Jennifer Fulwiler and Katie McGrady Prejean, opportunities to hear from many of our military chaplains, time to share ideas for growing our ministries, and so much more. 

Because we are so excited and we want you to be excited, too, this issue of The Well is a little different— it is completely Forum-focused. You will find all the information you need to begin planning for your attendance.

And don’t forget, early-bird registration ends on Jan. 31 and then the registration fee goes up to full price. We don’t want you to miss out, so visit and register yourself or your chapel group today.

See you in San Antonio!

Yours in Christ,

Kim Miller
MCCW Worldwide President
Not that Fiat!

Mary's Fiat, not the little red car, will be our focus during Forum.
All Things Forum

Details, details, details. If you need logistical information, take a look at this article. It reviews details on the hotel, dining plans, schedule, and more. >>Learn more
Promised Priest Auction

One of the most enjoyed traditions of MCCW retreats and forums is our silent auctions. Find out how you, or your chapel group, can prepare to support our seminarians during this fun event.
Honoring Selfless Service

MCCW recognizes the women who lovingly serve our organization through awards created in memory of two such ladies: the Sheila Baker Award for Outstanding Achievement and the Mary Ann Ernst Regional Harmony Award. >>Learn more
Your Board Hard at Work

An event like Forum takes a lot of planning and sometimes requires a site visit or two. If you’d like some behind the scenes knowledge, check out this article and see some of the details of the MCCW annual board meeting held from October 3 through 6 in San Antonio.  >>Learn more
Forum 2020: Worshipping Together

Forum gives us an opportunity to worship together, and with that it gives us a chance to visit some amazing churches in San Antonio. This article will give you a sneak peak at the beautiful churches that will be used in April.

San Antonio or Bust:
Nine Tips for Getting to Forum 2020

If you’re ready for Forum but not quite sure how you’re going to get there, this article is for you. It outlines nine inventive ways to help you or help you aid your sisters make it to San Antonio.
Forum 2020 Liturgical Volunteer Opportunities

Forum is almost here and the liturgical volunteer rosters are now open. If you are interested in serving as a lector, Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, leading devotionals, or participating in the choir, we need you! We are also searching for volunteers that are willing to lead a portion of the Rosary in a foreign language. Which language? We’re looking for as many different languages as we can find! 
Discerning His Voice

Ever wonder if God is calling you to take on a greater role in your CWOC or MCCW? The discernment process does not need to be overwhelming and this article provides some helpful pointers to aid you through the process. >>Learn more
MCCW will discern the following positions during Forum 2020:

  • President
  • Director of Forum 2022
  • Director of Finance
  • Director of Communications
  • Director At-Large (1)

If you feel called to serve MCCW at the Worldwide level in one of these positions, email Discernment Coordinator Kelly Oliver at . Personal discernment packets are available online and are due no later than March 15, 2020.