January 22, 2019

It's the quiet time of year when we can go inward and enjoy stillness. Silence is that state of rest where we can empty, declutter our minds, and heal. The question is: How many of us are willing to take advantage of the seasonal lull, the natural flow of life? Our culture is addicted to noise and distraction and busyness. The belief may be if we don't have those, we are not truly living. Living fully requires a wholeness of the flow of life--from summer's joy and fun and fireworks to winter's stillness and quiet and dark. Live well.

Featured Articles
Wandering Spirits and Lost Souls
By Annette Rugolo

IT HAPPENED AGAIN this week. I received a phone call from someone asking for help. Her mom had passed away three years ago and she recently moved into the family home to take care of her aging father.

After moving into the house, she started feeling depressed with bouts of anger. She called to ask for help as she had run out of options for feeling better.

As I tuned into the house, I informed her that her mom's spirit was still there. She immediately told me that a neighbor had seen her mother walking up and down the driveway a few weeks before but she wasn't sure if she could believe her. After I confirmed what her neighbor saw, she had so many questions! READ MORE>>
The Spirit Warrior's work is to transform darkness into light
By Arriale Starbird

A STATE TROOPER stopped me yesterday, and I thought 'Oh no, another $45 just went down the toilet.' But he didn't give me a ticket. Instead he told me to turn my headlights on. The sun was setting and it was still light. But he was being exacting about the time of day, after which the lights should be turned on. After a certain specific time of day, (which changes based on season and length of day) lights must be turned on. He was actually helping. When stuff like that happens, I always feel like there is a spiritual lesson there. The universe or my unconscious self is sending myself a message.

So as I pondered that, the series of thoughts that came to me are: during the dark night of the soul, or when dealing with dark forces, you always have your own light to illuminate your way. As long as you recharge your battery, you always have this light (your own answers). So it comes to this: It's critical that you recharge your battery. People in the rat race never get to do that. People's lives are so busy and stressful nowadays, we rarely get to truly recharge. I think the total depletion of our inner resources, which leads to all sorts of diseases and disorders in persons and the society as a whole, is unfortunately a hallmark of the modern lifestyle. READ MORE>>

Featured Listings
Feb 16: Festival Of Angels And Light
10am to 5pm. Earthway Farm - South Haven, MN. With Jurema Silva, Brazilian Intuitive Healer. Join Jurema for "Messages from the Angels" from 2-2:30 pm. During this inspiring and motivating presentation, she will connect with angels and archangels to receive messages and guidance for your questions and concerns. Jurema will channel a message to all the participants, before taking as many individual questions as possible. This event will give you the inspiration and direction to empower your life. Don't miss it. Jurema will be offering 30 minute readings throughout the day. Reserve your spot. 320-236-7852. www.juremasilva.com
Lehman, Cindy
Beginning Feb 20: Psychic Development Beginning/Foundation Class
Learn to consciously access your soul's guidance, clarity, purpose, and wisdom. Discover your abilities working with your body/soul partnership in this lifetime. Learn and practice: healthy grounding and structure, setting/maintaining healthy energetic boundaries, clearing your aura, energetic integrity, chakras, trance work, energetic letting go and creating, guidance, reading energy patterns and more to create the life you came here to live. Wednesday evenings, February - November. Cindy Lehman, 612-669-1861  cindy@cindylehman.com  www.cindylehman.com
Feb 23 & 24: Psychic & Healing Symposium
Presented by Body Mind Spirit & Edge Life Expo. Earle Brown Heritage Center, Brooklyn Center, MN. Saturday 10 - 6, Sunday 10 - 5. Tickets: $12 covers 2-day admission to exhibit hall & workshops. Visit with 85 exhibitors offering holistic healing therapies, intuitive readings, aura photos, wellness products, stones/crystals, jewelry, spiritual resources & more! To exhibit contact Dee, dee@bmse.net, 715-259-3047.
FFI: http://www.bmse.net/bmseweb/event/eventhome.php?eid=275


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