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Enjoy these last dog days of summer! 

- By George  

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Canadian summers are just too short! No doubt it is the length and harshness of our winters that have us cherish this season so much. Summers are special: filled with family gatherings and trips, with escapes to water and chillaxing with friends. It is also a time when most put off work decisions and accept a litany of excuses concerning missed deadlines and incomplete projects.
However, we are just a little over two weeks away from Labour Day - a.k.a. the day of reckoning for procrastinators and great-escape artists. For those with public and government relations issues, early September often signals a time when everything gets serious again and "the rubber must hit the road." If you have a plan, time to execute; if you don't have a plan; time to draw one up - and be quick to implement it!
This Fall will provide great opportunities for those organizations prepared for the election aftermath. There could potentially be huge shifts in direction with new MPs, a reconfigured Parliament, and perhaps a new government. For us in the PR/GR business, all of this is very exciting!
But, let's not get ahead of ourselves. There's still a full two weeks of summer to go. Let's enjoy what is left!
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If you are still enjoying the hot, dog days of summer - but wish to catch up by scanning a few primers on what has been happening on the election trail, here are 5 articles that are political must- reads from the By George Journal this August. 

Each week leading up to the vote, By George provides context and insights into the personalities, campaign tactics and unfolding events of the federal election campaign. 

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news and commentary, here is a set of links to connect with the on-going election dialogue: Daily Doses of Canadian Politics.  To surf federal election material in the
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Listen closely... the clock of the Peace Tower is tolling for the many MPs and candidates vying to represent Canadians in Ottawa. It is also tolling for those ill-prepared to take advantage of the changes about to occur with a new Parliament. 

If you require GR acumen,
CG&A COMMUNICATIONS is a firm that provides discreet political counsel and quality communications support services. We can position and manage your ideas, critical issues and your brand within political and government circles.

Connect with us to discuss what can be accomplished through the federal campaign but, more importantly, after the election in Canada's 42nd Parliament.

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