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April 9, 2020
As Miami-Dade County comes to grips with the coronavirus pandemic, The Children's Trust has decided to dedicate our Parenting Our Children Newsletter to dealing with the parental side of managing the crisis.
A New Way of Celebrating Easter, Passover or Ramadan
Don’t let distance dampen your faith in April

The first real holiday conflict between many established religions and the coronavirus pandemic in the United States happens in April. Easter for Christians, Passover for Jews and Ramadan for Muslims will all be celebrated this month, but due to the coronavirus, things will be drastically different this year.  Read more
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The Children’s Trust Launches StayHome.Miami
New microsite offers resources and activities for new stay-at-home families

The Children’s Trust is officially launching StayHome.Miami, a website with free activities, resources and other digital tools to help parents, caregivers and children who will largely be confined to their homes through the coronavirus pandemic. Backed by the full force of The Children’s Trust and its equally committed partners, StayHome.Miami was built on the premise that “We’re All in This Together.” It will serve as a unique online resource and digital survival guide for all Miami-Dade County families.  Read more
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Other News
Miami-Dade County Public Schools announces partnership with FIU for student tutoring

Free Uber and Lyft rides for late-night essential travel after suspension of late Metrobus service

City of Miami now requiring masks or other face coverings on residents in supermarkets, pharmacies and convenience stores

Miami-Dade County is printing unemployment forms for pick up at some libraries

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis suspends evictions and foreclosures for the next 45 days

M-DCPS Launches Instructional Continuity Plan 2.0

Free developmental and behavioral screenings in English and Spanish, and corresponding resources for children in Miami-Dade County

Census continues despite coronavirus pandemic

City of Miami Launches In-home COVID-19 Testing for Homebound Seniors
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Helpful Links for Coronavirus Related Information

  • Miami-Dade County’s Coronavirus page also has updates as well as a listing of additional online resources. Click Here

  • Florida Department of Health’s Coronavirus page. Click Here

  • The Miami-Dade School Board also has a Coronavirus page, as well as a Parent Guide to the Novel Coronavirus. Click Here