Above: Judy's basket filled with fresh french beans, beets, zucchini, eggs, and more from this seasons harvest at Church Hill Farm

Enjoying Late Summer

with the

Worsley Institute

A still of Professor JR Worsley lecturing in a suit and tie

Above: Video of JR Worsley describing the harvest and Late Summer

Welcome to the Worsley Institute Seasonal News Letter

In this issue:

  • Video: JR Worsley describing the Harvest and Late Summer
  • Ask Judy: "Emotion-Testing"
  • Worsley Community News: Alaska 2023
  • The WiSESM Way: In The Garden
  • Honoring Professor JR Worsley
  • Upcoming Trainings and Events

Ask Judy: "Emotion-Testing"

Above: Judy and David in front of the Child's Glacier during the WiSE Alaska Trip this past July

A Question for Judy Worsley

Q: In assessing Colour, Sound, Odour, and Emotion, did JR teach students to do "emotion-testing" in order to diagnose a patient's Causative Factor?

A: In the 1980’s JR made reference to testing an emotion in class. He was trying to help us loosen up because we were rigid with self-consciousness when engaging with patients. Above all he wanted us to be ourselves!

Unfortunately, his casual reference to testing an emotion was turned into a protocol by some graduates. When he saw how this casual reference turned into a protocol that he did not condone he never made this reference again.

He was teaching us that to freely be ourselves meant being in rapport within, which would naturally lead to being in rapport with others. There is no need for mental gymnastics or contrived protocol.

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Worsley Community News: Alaska 2023

Above: WiSE Alaska group in McCarthy, AK departing for their 8 day float down the Copper River

Left: David gathering drinking water from an iceberg

Right: Tents in a beautiful meadow surrounded by mountains

Alaska 2023

In July, Judy and David organized and led a group of a mix of practitioners and nature-enthusiasts on a backcountry rafting and camping trip in Alaska. The 11-day adventure included a scenic small plane flight, lodging in remote McCarthy, Alaska, an 8- day scenic river float with camping alongside the river, viewing wildlife and glaciers, and insights into Worsley Classical Five-Element Acupuncture™ through the direct experience of being in remote, natural environments. 

Professor JR Worsley said children, animals and nature are our best teachers. This unique experience in Alaska allowed us to experience pristine wilderness as the ultimate classroom to learn about the underlying Natural Order that defines our medicine and our lives. 

Trip Highlights were the steep and towering Chugach Mountains, waterfalls and glaciers pouring from green peaks, wildlife sightings such as grizzlies, eagles, seals and salmon and glaciers calving into the river.

The WiSESM Way: In The Garden

Above: A happy hen at Judy and JR's Church Hill Farm home

In The Garden

Late Summer is a transition time when we return to the middle, between the expansive growth of spring and summer and the more inward energy of fall and winter . The long, endless hot days of summer are winding down as we transition into the season of the Earth element, the season of ripeness and harvest. It’s time to take stock of the abundance of the harvest and allow it to nourish us. 

Some tasks to do in the garden at this time of year:

  1. Deadhead spent flowers and save some seeds from the fruits and vegetables which have ripened. Collect the seeds and store them in small sealed containers or envelopes. Date and label them and store them in a cool dark and dry place until planting time next year.
  2. Harvest the bounty of your summer crops. Herbs, vegetables and fruits can be picked. What can’t be eaten right away can be frozen, dried, preserved, or stored in a root cellar to be enjoyed throughout the rest of the year. 
  3. When mowing the lawn, ensure to raise the cutting height in order to keep the grass roots cooler and to reduce water evaporation in these hot days.
  4. Spread mulch and compost around the garden. It will protect roots, slow evaporation, and retain moisture as well as nourish and amend your soil to provide nutrients into the next year. 
  5. Start sowing cool-season crops such as brassicas like broccoli and cabbage, root vegetables like carrots, beets and radishes, and leafy greens such as kale and chard. 

Honoring Professor JR Worsley

JR Worsley

Above: Professor JR Worsley, 14 September 1923 - 2 June 2003

A Tribute from Judy Worsley to JR on his 100th Birthday

From the very first moment that I met JR Worsley, he was the heart of my heartbeat, and it became revealed, in time, that I was his.

When I met JR, I knew that I needed to look no further to find a teacher because I had everything I wanted with him. 

The qualities he had which made him especially extraordinary were his kindness, his brilliant mind, his drive and focus, his ferocious inquisitiveness, his wonderful sense of humour, and most importantly, his humility. 

I think back to the time when he was in hospital near the end of his time here, when his heart had only a 10 % ejection fraction. It took all he could muster to even sit up, yet he was still seeing patients. 

To me, I think of it like when you have brandy distilled- you’ve taken the essence of something. JR was with the patients in a way that he only had the energy and breath left to do what was essential. All else was stripped away. It was like being in the presence of something that was beyond a human experience. It was glorious and an inspiration. 

When JR was with a patient, he embodied the teachings. He was with each person as a unique individual who held him with a genuine fascination. 

A guiding message JR would have wanted us to remember would be to love each other in an authentic way. Love in this manner means recognition at the deepest level possible. A recognition in the presence of another person that brings you together with God.  

It is the greatest privilege of my life to carry the legacy of JR’s teachings forth for generations to come. Happy 100th birthday, my love.

Above: Video of Professor JR Worsley sharing about the Vanilla Slice

Upcoming Trainings and Events:

Above: A circle of camping chairs along the Copper River during the WiSE Alaska Trip



September 17: Celebrating Professor JR Worsley’s 100th Birthday, Oxford, England, both In-Person and Live-Streamed

September 24: Consultation Day, London, England

September 30: Zoom Question and Answer

October 21-22: Study Group, Church Hill Farm, England

November 11: Introduction to Worsley Classical Five-Element Acupuncture, Portland, Oregon and Live-Streamed

November 12-13: Consultation Days, Portland, Oregon

November 14-15: Consultation Days, Seattle, Washington

November 17-18: Consultation Days, Vancouver, British Columbia

December 9-10: Consultation Days, London, England



Question and Answer and Consultation Days Dates to be Announced Soon

April 20-24: Open Seminar, Shanghai, China

November 2-5: MAP, Miami Beach, Florida

Left: Alaska WiSE group at the end of their 8 day trip rafting the Copper River

Right: A beautiful view of the Copper River and Chugatch Mountains with sunbeams

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