New Promotion and Defense of Marriage Chairman

Every three years, the bishops elect a new Chairman for the Committee for Laity, Marriage, Family Life, and Youth (Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco), and he appoints a new Chairman for the Subcommittee. Meet Bishop Konderla of Tulsa, Oklahoma! He will be our chairman for the next three years. Please keep him in your prayers!

Bishop Konderla has appeared on two Made for Love episodes: Digital Technology and Family Life and Enjoying the Seasons
Made for Love Podcast

Last month's Made for Love episodes featured a short episode about a priest's adventures on an American TV Baking show, engagement/wedding stories, and enjoying the seasons as a family.

Fr. Kyle Schnippel has always liked to be in the kitchen. A friend suggested that he try out for the Great American Bake Show... sure enough, he was chosen!

Engagement is an exciting time for a man and a woman who have decided to marry; but how do they spend those months before the wedding? Planning for their marriage, or planning the party? This episode features Bishop Warfel from the Diocese of Great Falls-Billings, Bishop Cary from the Diocese of Baker, Sophie Caldecott, and Cadence McManimon (who missed her own wedding!).

Catholics have so many seasons and feast days to celebrate and live: how do you do this well? Today we're sharing ideas from families about living Advent, Lent, and other feast days. Features Bishop Milan Lach, SJ, Bishop Konderla from the Diocese of Tulsa, and Andy and Sara Sefranek.

In January, Made for Love will share the story of a woman's journey to healing from abortion.
Blog Series

Bridget Groff, intern for the secretariat, is writing a blog series all about the nature of marriage. The newest topic is " Why is Marriage a Natural Institution?"
Action Alert

Protect Freedom of Religion and Association on Campus!
The Equal Campus Access Act of 2019 protects ALL students by withholding certain federal funding from public universities that discriminate against religious student groups.  Tell your senators and representatives to support H.R. 3243/S.1168, the Equal Campus Access Act!
Legal/ Policy Updates

"Fairness for All" - On December 6th, Representative Chris Stewart (R-UT) introduced the "Fairness For All Act"(H.R. 5331) The legislation statedly intends to provide a compromise between "LGBT" interests and religious liberty across areas of federal law that affect daily life; though it would further and entrench gender ideology in society, and pose several significant concerns for religious individuals and institutions. 

"Conversion Therapy"  - While many jurisdictions are banning "conversion therapy" that questions a minors' "sexual orientation" or asserted "gender identity," at least four states - Texas, Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, and South Carolina - are now considering bills to ban "gender transition" medical procedures for minors.

Schools - Despite most courts' ruling in favor of "transgender" students against the concerned parents of others in school restroom cases, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals heard the school district's appeal in The School Bd. Of St. John's County, Fla. v. Adams on December 5th, after a lower court ruled in favor of a "transgender boy."