April 2016
How to Enrich Your Cat's Life 
Indoor cats have received an undeserved reputation of being lazy and sleeping all the time, like Garfield, going from food dish to bed and back again. That's one of many reason that playing with your cat is extremely important. Cats are social animals; the time you spend together will solidify your bond and enrich your cat's life, as well yours! In addition, playtime keeps you cat's mind active and instincts fresh.

Studies have shown that cats play best and more often with toys that also include human interaction. Here's where you come in! Getting various wand toys, like the Da Bird, can provide activity for both you and your cat together. Really, any wand toy that has safe attachments can be used for this type of play, but remember to hide any toys with strings when not in use. Try out a few to see if your kitty prefers feathers, fur, or squeaky mice on her toy. Similarly, laser toys can be very fun for you and your cat. Laser play engages most cats and you may be surprised at the lengths your kitty will go to catch the laser "prey"! Try not to wear your cat out too much and keep in mind that a small meaty treat at the end of this kind of play really puts to rest the urge to hunt, at least for a little while!
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Jumping Kitty
A Scratching Cat is a Happy Cat
Cardboard Scratcher Sale
Scratching is a crucial component of cat health. It provides exercise, marks territory, removes the outer sheath of their nails and allows cats to stretch their muscles. Cardboard scratchers and dens are an excellent way to provide an area for your cat to play, scratch or nap. They are environmentally friendly furniture that your cat will love!

20% Off Cardboard Scratchers
  • An inexpensive solution for scratching
  • The honeycomb texture entices cats to scratch without damaging furniture.
  • Easy to move and rearrange
  • 100% recycyclable

Sale ends 4/30/2016 

20_ Off Scratchers
Care Enough to Share
Referrals to friends, relatives or other feline lovers are the highest compliments we receive from our clients. We appreciate that you care enough to share.

As a way of showing our appreciation for the referrals you send to our practice, we have established the Care Enough to Share program. As an expression of our gratitude for each referral that become a client at Cats Exclusive we will send you $20 gift certificate for the store.

All you have to do is tell your friends about us, and ask them to list you as their referral source when they fill out their New Client form. As a thank you for each referral we will mail you a $20 store gift certificate!  
Sharing Kitties

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