West Valley Christian School is proud to offer its students a well-rounded, dynamic, Christian education. We are so blessed to have such passionate enrichment teachers who consistently pour their souls into their students development. It is through our diverse educational programs that our students may achieve West Valley Christian School's Six Pillars of Excellence: Creative Expression, Athletic Distinction, Servant Leadership, Technology Advancement, Spiritual Development, and Academic Excellence.
Mrs. Shiela Lampechkun
My name is Shiela Lampechkun and I am the Theater arts teacher at West Valley Christian School. I teach Drama to TK-Middle School. Drama enhances the academic process by stimulating the imagination, inspiring creative thinking, and fostering effective reasoning and communication skills. 

Drama helps develop self confidence, self esteem, and self expression. Drama also facilitates teamwork. My students learn the basics of stage direction, listening and following directions through song and games, as well as learn basic acting, improv, and stage techniques.

In Drama class, students have the opportunity to observe and critique each other’s performances in a healthy and positive environment. They are also introduced to the skill of auditioning which will be further developed when they audition for our school productions. 

Students are able to put these skills into practice through performing skits for chapel and other school productions such as the Christmas program, the Veteran’s Day program, and the Grandparent’s Day program.
Mrs. Stacy Kvinsland
My name is Stacy Kvinsland and I am the PE teacher at West Valley Christian School. WVCS offers Physical Education (PE) to all grade levels, TK through 8th grade. The goal of PE is to develop motor skills and physical development among our students. This is accomplished with instruction on proper exercise through individual and team sports, games, body movement and awareness. 

The skill of working and relating with others develops leadership and teamwork skills. PE is not only a time for students to have a chance to run, play, laugh, be silly and get some energy out, but through play learn how to follow direction, be a leader, encourage each other and learn how each of us as individuals have strengths and weaknesses that make us Gods perfect creation. 

Physical Education benefits:
  • Skill and motor skill development
  • Provides regular, healthful physical activity
  • Influence moral development, leadership, cooperate with others
  • Help improve self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Respect of yourself and your classmates
  • Experience in setting goals
Mrs. Monet Grzecka
My name is Monet Grzecka and I teach dance at West Valley Christian school to TK- Middle School. Dance increases body awareness, control, balance, flexibility, and coordination. My students explore rhythm and movement patterns, release energy through positive physical activity, practice self-discipline through sharing space, and interacting safely with other dancers. Students begin to learn and memorize choreography, have fun with props, games, and practice using their imagination!

My goals are to inspire a love for music, movement, and creative self expression, prepare students for performances in front of peers and parents at school events, help students develop an appreciation for their bodies and brains and the desire to take care of them.

Dance also Increases self-esteem through positive and noncompetitive experiences, strengthens the ability to listen and follow directions. Develops neural pathways through movement patterning that are essential to language acquisition, reading readiness, and mathematical ability. Research has shown that perceptual/motor ability is related to the acquisition of more complex skills. Develops strong and healthy bodies and brains through movement and exercise!

Students will learn the “brain dance” warm up. Play dance games (i.e. freeze dance, mirror, etc). Learn movement vocabulary and quality. Learn Choreography for school performances. Be introduced to a variety of dance styles. Learn about what foods/nutrients will help them grow stronger, jump higher, run faster, focus better, and get sick less. Cool down with sign language and stretching.
Mrs. Kim Ortiz
My name is Kim Ortiz and I am the music teacher at West Valley Christian School. I teach general music education to grades TK-5th grade. 

We focus on finding steady beat. We sing songs with movement that puts the steady in all parts of the body (ie, clapping, patting, stomping, swaying, etc.). We sing to find our singing voices and practice matching pitches. We sing songs using the universal “Sol-Mi” pitches. 

In the fall, we also learn music for our Christmas program. Upon returning from Christmas break we begin to learn music for the Easter program. When learning these songs for both programs we always discuss what it is we are singing, how the music conveys what the lyrics mean through the elements of music, and how important it is to understand what we are singing so that we can convey that meaning through our voices using dynamics and expression. 

We end every class with a “play along” in which the students are given instruments to play freely and move freely along with the song played. This gives them freedom of expression and response to music. 
Mrs. Alice Pacheco
Mrs. April Kim