I cannot thank you enough for taking a moment out of your day to share bits of your story with me. Your call was an admirable step in taking healing action toward reconnecting with your Self in the way of emotional wellness, and I could not be more encouraged to have space in your drive to love YOU (and your children) though your loss!

It is my honor to be considered as your Specialist for your emotional recovery! You have made a profoundly courageous decision to invest in your Self with the intention of FEELING BETTER by taking the evidence-based actions of a Grief Recovery Method class! As your Specialist, I will guide you one small, yet correct, action-step at a time.
Classes Available
A) Grief Recovery Method (for adults to help themselves):

Are you unable to move forward in your life due to a significant loss, experienced either recently or in the past? Our classes will help you attain the tools that you need to process all of your grief-related emotions with the goal being to regain a sense of hope and purpose in life.

  • 2 1/2-day (Friday 5p-9p, Saturday 9a-5p, and Sunday 9a-5p, ONLINE), $695
  • 8-week (90 minute class meets once per week, ONLINE), $1400
B) Helping Children with Loss (for adults to help children in their care)

The vast majority of parents find themselves at a loss when trying to help their children deal with any grieving experience that impacts them. This 4-week program is designed to teach parents, and others who work with children, the necessary tools to help children effectively deal with their broken hearts, no matter the loss they are facing.

  • 4-week (2.5 hour class meets once per week, ONLINE), $495
Get Enrolled
When you are ready to move through your buildup of emotions, or to help the children in your care, please follow these steps to complete your enrollment for class:
Step 1, Click the button to enroll.
Step 2, Pay the invoice delivered to the email address you used for enrollment when it arrives.
Step 3, choose your date or dates.
Your recovery will be the direct result of your participation in all classes as well as thorough completion of each class's corresponding heartwork.
When all has been received, our work together will begin. Please do not hesitate to call/text/email (or Voxer: grwrachelle) your questions and I will get back with you as quickly as I can...no longer than two days time.

From my heart--thank you! Sharing this work, this recovery, with people is purely a gift for my soul and I am immeasurably grateful for the opportunity to serve you.

Your heart with ears,

Rachelle Jones, AGRMS
~working together to help you feel better~