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We are enrolling now for our Fall Classes , Fall is for Friends starting September 18th on both Saturdays and/or Tuesdays. Please fill out this online enrollment form

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Our Saturday classes are very popular and are filling up already! This year we will be having one special class with Sensory Taekwondo and Lisa-Fitkids

during each 10 week session. 

10 week sessions (offered fall, winter, & spring) that focus on individualized social skills for each student. The program is individualized and geared for each child to reach their maximum potential. 


  • Social skills activities
  • Interactive games
  • Peer play skills
  • Art and music
  • Fine motor play
  • Gross motor play
  • Individualized goals addressed based on teacher observations, parent input, and IEPS/ progress report goals, etc.
  • Weekly reports to family to ensure goals are worked on and generalized 
  • Teachers provide individualized feedback to families to educate them on how to work on the goals addressed 
  • monthly curriculum of social skills topics

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We work with Perform care, Bergen's Promise, CMO, and HBCBS Insurance


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