eUpdate - January 31, 2020
Ensure Your Voice is Heard in 2020 Presidential Primary 
In California, 'No Party Preference' voters may be able to vote in the primary -- Here's how
The success of our democracy depends upon an engaged citizenry and strong voter participation. 

That's why I would like to clearly explain some of the nuances of California's 2020 Presidential Primary Election process to help ensure your vote counts and your voice is heard! 

In California, all elections are open to all voters except the partisan Presidential Primary that occurs every four years. 

Political parties may choose to keep their presidential primaries closed to only members of their respective parties. The Democratic, Libertarian and American Independent parties chose to let voters without a party preference request and vote a ballot containing their candidates for President. 

You may register or re-register here.

NPP voters who get their ballots by mail can request replacement ballots for the March 3 Presidential Primary by clicking on Contra Costa Elections or calling  925.335.7800. 

NPP polling place voters can request replacement ballots at the polling place on Election Day. 

No Party Preference (NPP) voters who want to vote for presidential candidates can only vote in either Democratic, Peace and Freedom, and Green parties, if they request a replacement ballot. 

For more info, here is an excellent CalMatters article on California's Presidential Primary. 
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