July 10, 2020 Edition

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IDRA Releases Guide to Ensuring Education Equity During and After COVID-19

Free School Reopening Webinar Series

On-Demand Webinars

More resources and trainings for teachers, school administrators, families  and communities are on our Learning Goes On website . See Spanish-language version of this edition.

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Policy Update
IDRA Releases Guide to Ensuring Education Equity During and After COVID-19
The COVID-19 pandemic has had devastating effects on our society. In addition to presenting new challenges, the pandemic has exacerbated existing educational inequities for students of color, those with disabilities, those from households with low incomes, and those experiencing homelessness.

To respond, IDRA has developed a guide for education leaders and state officials to ensure education equity during and after the pandemic with specific recommendations for policy and best practices. We will continue to update the site according to health guidance, policy changes and research.
Free School Reopening Webinar Series

July 15, 2020, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm cdt
Connecting with families will be vital for educators as they welcome students back in a world changed by COVID-19 and social movements. Hear from parents, grandparents and caregivers sharing their concerns and questions about reopening schools and students' emotional wellbeing. Moderated by Aurelio M. Montemayor, M.Ed., IDRA Family Engagement Coordinator .

July 22, 2020, at 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm cdt 
Districts are working hard to develop back-to-school plans that meet the needs of all learners. They also must consider how to address the socio-emotional needs of students. Moderated by Dr. Paula Johnson, Director, IDRA EAC-South, this panel of student advocates and educational leaders will discuss policy recommendations for district decision-makers on reopening schools that embrace restorative justice, ethnic studies and culturally responsive practices.
On-Demand Webinars
W hat  does  the future hold  for  school re-openings, mental health and  student  emotional well-being in the wake of a myriad of issues facing today ' s youth Our student  panelist s  will help us understand the needs of  their peers  on issues ,  such as C OVID -19,  s chool  s afety , i mmigration , and the  Black Lives Matter and #MeToo movements.

Our panel of advocates and practitioners discuss the needs of students on issues such as COVID-19, school safety, immigration, and the Black Lives Matter and #MeToo movements that schools will need to prepare for as they reopen.
  • Dr. Cherise Rohr-Allegrini, Licensed Epidemiologist
  • Hon. Aicha Davis, State Board of Education
  • Hon. Marisa Pérez-Díaz, State Board of Education
  • Lisa Marie Gomez, San Antonio Chamber of Commerce and My Brother's Keeper - San Antonio
  • Gylon Jackson, Black Lives Matter - San Antonio
Moderator:  Dr. Chloe Latham Sikes, Deputy Director of Policy

These free webinar recordings are available for viewing at your convenience.

* Equitable Practices for Teaching Online
* Digital Divide: Connectivity, Infrastructure and Devices
* Tools & Tips to Alleviate the Homework Gap
* Facilitating Online Math Sessions
* PBL at Home & Across the Curriculum
* ELAR Series
    * Journal Writing About the Present for the Future - ELAR Webinar Part 1
    * From Journaling to Personal Narratives - ELAR Webinar Part 2
    * From Journaling and Personal Narratives to Letter Writing - ELAR Webinar Part 3
* Chief Science Officer Students Determined to Promote STEM Despite School Closures
* Teaching Science in Virtual Learning Environments
* How a School District Tackled the Digital Divide

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During this COVID-19 crisis,  IDRA  has played a crucial role in supporting schools, districts and educators as they continue student learning from a distance. 

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