Happy New Year from the Montana Girls STEM Collaborative!
MGSC Champions Board and Leadership Team  - Are YOU on This Map?

The MGSC Leadership Team and Champions Board is composed of individuals who provide expertise and regional representation, including industry representatives, informal learning educators, gender equity experts, STEM education representatives, and educational policy experts. These individuals serve as champions of projects supporting women and girls in STEM in their communities. Leadership team members provide STEM and program management expertise, as well as regional representation. Don't see your community on the map? Read more about the project at the National Girls STEM Collaborative Website, and contact Suzi at taylor@montana.edu if you are considering becoming a champion of STEM in your community. Engineers Without Borders and workshops on Wind Energy, Sustainable Building- Solar Architecture, and Soil Science. 

MGSC Champions Board and Leadership Team  - Are YOU on This Map?

It has been 6 months since our Kick-Off Conference in Missoula!  Have you used something you learned at the conference?  Have you followed up with that potential collaborator you met?  We would love to hear about your activities and any lessons learned or connections made  at the conference that you were able to put into action since August.  This can be anything fr om using one of the networking activities to getting a grant for work with girls STEM.  If you want to share, please send Martha an email at   mpeters@montana.edu .

MGSC Featured Program
Space Public Outreach Team

The Montana featured program this newsletter is the Space Public Outreach Team (SPOT), part of the Montana Space Grant Consortium. The SPOT office at Montana State University sends presenters all over the state to provide free presentations about current NASA missions to Montana schools, youth programs, and community groups. 


Currently, two SPOT presentations available: Mission to Mars, which explores reasons for visiting Mars and the steps necessary to land a rover successfully on the surface of Mars, and the Sun-Earth Connection (retiring in Summer 2013), which teaches students about the Sun and how it affects our planet. 

The interactive SPOT presentations use slides, videos, animations and an inquisitive approach to relay the excitement of new discoveries in space science. NASA research and careers here in Montana are highlighted in each show, which lasts about 45 minutes. Presentations can be done in a classroom or assembly setting, as long as a screen or blank wall and an electrical outlet are available.Participating teachers will receive lesson plans, activities, brochures and other materials they can use in their classrooms. 


Contact the Space Public Outreach Team at any time to learn more, or find out more about the presentations online



National Resources
STEM to change the world (and beyond!) 

At the Montana Girls STEM Collaborative, we believe in creating opportunities for girls to get involved in STEM opportunities by supporting collaborations between girl-serving organizations. 
For example, did you know that NASA has partnered with the Girl Scouts for more than 15 years to develop STEM programs for girls? This collaboration has provided adult training opportunities, materials development, career exposure, research sharing, mentors, community outreach exhibits, summer internships for girls, and field trips about earth and solar exploration.  Check out the results of this amazing STEM collaboration at NASA's website.  You can  also find a huge collection of resources, games and activities  at  NASA's Space Plac e
The interactive, online NASA G.I.R.L.S. (Giving Initiative and Relevance to Learning Science) program will be offered for grades  5-8 in 2013 with applications due in June. The 5-week program  starts in J uly, so check the website this Spring for more information! 

Or, check out  NASA's Aspire to Inspire (A2I) program, an online community wher e girls can find out how women at NASA are leading the way in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and watch films about careers in these field s.

What's Happening
Upcoming Events in Montana

January 25-26: Math and Science Leadership Conference, Comfort Inn, Bozeman 


February 9: Thrive - Girls for a Change Conference, Bozeman


March 18-19: Montana State Science Fair, University of Montana


March 22-23: Billings Clinic Research Center Science Expo, Montana State University-Billings


March 23: STEM Expo, Great Falls High School


April 2-6:Celebrating Einstein, Bozeman


April 11-12: Montana School Counselors Conference, Holiday Inn, Bozeman


April 11:NanoDays, Montana State University-Bozeman 


April 13:Chicks in Science, Montana State University-Billings


April 19:Montana Space Grant Student Research Symposiumfeaturing keynote speakers Amber Staughn and Jaime Waydo, Montana State University-Bozeman


April 20:Astronomy Day, Museum of the Rockies, Bozeman


October 17-18: MEA-MFT Educators Conference, Belgrade