You've likely heard by now that giving thanks is a good thing, with many benefits.  PLUS, we're in the season of thanksgiving, so there's no better time than now to adopt an "attitude of gratitude".

Easy to say, and what if you're tired - not only physically, but mentally?  Fed up with all of the crazy, wondering what in the hell there is to be thankful for?  Maybe some compassion fatigue has set in. You've given so much, for so long, you're depleted and can't bother.

It's time for a re-set, and gratitude can be a full body practice. This isn't just

It's the holiday season again and there are many things happening anew that are a-old. Thinking about your year-end chaos and how listening creates impact is something I wrote about a few years back. As we look around us now, so much has ...

It's time for a re-set, and gratitude can be a full body practice. This isn't just about listing in your head those things that you're grateful for, but truly knowing them .. .
What is involved in the process of finding the perfect speaker for your next event? Maybe it's the first time you've been asked to be part of the interview process for the speaker at your organization's event. What do you ask? As Stephen Covey said, begin with the end in mind. Before you begin your interviewing process, this white paper will give you some points to consider.

You will learn:
  •  The 6 criteria for choosing a speaker
  • 11 questions to ask during their interview
  • The answers to look for when analyzing their responses
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