October, 2015 

Thank you for visiting. This month we'll look at an underground wine cellar in Greenville, SC,  two tried and true Austin traditions, and what to do about that something-less-to-be-desired odor coming from your kitchen sink.

Someone asked me recently could they have their kitchen remodel completed by Thanksgiving. No problem, I said. Thanksgiving is
1 3 months from now!
It's a little late for your project to be completed this year but now is a great time to be thinking about your kitchen for next year. Don't spend another holiday in that outdated, dark kitchen, start planning now.


 Fabulous Wine Cellar, Greenville, SC

In a collaboration with Jeff Goshorn Interiors and Paul Johnson Interiors, Capitol Design accomplished this elegant and finely crafted wine cellar and bar area for a Greenville, SC surgeon. Jeff designed the space, Paul executed the install, and Capitol Design was responsible for the bar area. Wine cellar fixtures are from Kessick Wine Cellar of Greenville, SC.

The bar area features custom cabinetry and a counter top of rich dark chocolate granite. The floating glass shelves are drilled with precision and suspended on custom chrome rods in front of a full mirror back splash.

The cabinet on the right of this perfectly balanced arrangement of rich sapele mahogany contains a fully integrated Sub Zero 700 series refrigerator. On the left is a pantry that mirrors the refrigerator. To the left of the sink area is an 18" Miele dishwasher. and mirroring it to the right is a specialty ice maker. 

Of the many painstaking requirements of this project, working with this ice maker posed a first of its kind challenge for Capitol Design. The ice maker is designed to make ice for a particular drink that requires clear ice cubes. Ice that has been made and stored frozen turns frosted, so this ice had to be frozen into cubes and immediately dispensed for immediate use to maintain its clear appearance.  Unused ice melts into the drain of the ice maker. This particular ice maker comes only in a 15" size and Capitol Design was able to make it fit cohesively and handsomely into the arrangement to perfectly mirror the 18" dishwasher.  

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Tales from the TGW files
To Err is Human

In the late 80's, I worked for a brief stint as a designer for a WoodMode dealer in the Northeast. I shared an office with one of the owners who was also a salesperson.

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The most thorough way to clean a garbage disposal is to fill an ice cube tray with 1 part white vinegar to 8 parts water and a small piece of lemon rind in each cube. When frozen, empty the tray into the disposal, turn on the device and run some water into it. The ice works to sharpen the blades and dislodge any food, the vinegar cleans and the lemon deodorizes to leave your disposal sharp, clean and fresh! 

All Around Austin / Design Talk / Good Eats
What's up in ATX
The autumn in Central Texas, fleeting as it may be, signals the long time tradition of fervent community support of high school football. And there's just no high school football without the band!
Above are members of the brass section of the Austin High Marching Band blaring for the team during a game in House Park, Austin, Texas.
Virtual Rendering
Do you have trouble visualizing an idea, a room? How about color? Do you feel uncertain about mixing colors and textures in a room? You're not alone, most people find it difficult to picture in their mind's eye, what their project will look like.  read more

Kerbey Lane Cafe
Another Austin tradition is Kerbey Lane Cafe. Seven locations are open 24 hours a day and serve a varied menu - from their specialty pancake of the day to an amazing  fried green tomato BLT.
They also lend their walls to a varied display of art work, from local children's drawings to images based on fractal mesh algorithms!
To Err is Human continued...

One day, while examining our bookcase that housed catalogs of various cabinet companies, plumbing suppliers, and other assorted vendors, I noticed a blue binder with a hand lettered tag on the spine that read, "TGW".


"Hey John," I said to my coworker, "What's TGW stand for?" "Oh that," he answered. "That's my Things Gone Wrong book. You see, my background is in accounting and I'm new to the kitchen business. Every time I do something wrong or stupid, I write it down in that book so I won't do it again." "It's got a lot of pages," I said. "Done a lot of stupid things," he answered.


Every month we'll feature a humorous (hopefully enough time has transpired) look at human error, honest mistakes and the unavoidable from the client and the professional.  


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Virtual rendering continued...
Floorplans, elevations and perspectives give you a technical understanding of the room, but what will it really look like?

Now, with modern technology, wicked fast computers and eyepopping, photo realistic software, you can actually see what your new room will look like! Your tile, floor, cabinet and countertop choices can be scanned and inserted into a virtual rendering of your design project. Even your child's artwork can be scanned and displayed on your refrigerator!

You're able to see what the kitchen looks like with tile or hardwood. Do the furniture and drapes go together in the living room? What does the bathroom look like with a pedestal sink instead of a cabinet. You can feel confident about the materials you have chosen because now you can see them in the room!

The NEFF family tradition began in Canada over 40 years ago when Paul Neff began carefully building a reputation for creating Extraordinary Kitchen Environments. Today, now under the ownership of Paul Gardner, this family tradition committed to the highest standards of quality, service, style and function continues with a focus on providing cabinetry solutions for the entire home.

Our selection, functionality, and craftsmanship provide design solutions with incredible value; and our emphasis on eco-sensitive manufacturing processes and social responsibility reflects our dedication to make sure more than just your cabinets last.

At Bellmont Cabinet Company, we really are building more than just cabinets. We are building lives through the values we practice daily. They may be considered old-fashioned, but tried and true principles are the ones that last.


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Whether your style is Modern, Classic, Eclectic or Rustic, your home is where your heart is. Choosing the right cabinetry to fit your style will create a space that's warm, inviting and personalized. Woodland offers thousands of color, door style and organizational combinations that are sure to fit your exacting tastes.


Woodland's flexibility and affordability allow you to pick and choose the features that fit your style, your life, your budget... and your dreams.



Fabulous Wine Cellar, Continued
The wine cellar was integrated into the open, flowing space of a finished basement and designed to accommodate guests in a relaxing, beautiful and functional environment. The warmth, strength and consummate
quality of the materials used and the meticulous attention to detail are clearly evident in the finished product


As with all the very best of creative design work, those involved find fulfillment in overcoming any and all challenges to the complete satisfaction of the client. Capitol Design is gratified to report the surgeon's every expectation was exceeded with this lovely and livable space he and his colleagues, friends and family can enjoy for years to come.

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Joe Currie
Capitol Design


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