May 2022
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Praying with Scripture as a Couple: Marriage in the Bible
Volume Two - New Testament

Welcome to volume two of Marriage in the Bible, a series provided by Marriage in Christ. Over the course of the next 14 months or so, we will pray as married couples through key New Testament texts. We won’t simply list every single time marriage is mentioned, but rather seek personal encounters with the Scriptures that will help married couples draw closer to the Lord as individuals and as couples. Our vocation in marriage gives us a special grace for this closeness, for marriage itself is the great sign of God’s love for his people and Christ’s love for his bride, the Church.
Part One: The Gospels

One of the central truths of our faith is that God, who was free to do anything that he wanted, chose to do certain things. Those things that he did are considered “revelation,” for they reveal God to us. The Bible is the record of that revelation. It describes not only what God did, but what those actions mean. So, we begin by making five observations about the spousal imagery in the gospels.

Introduction to the Infancy Narratives

The Bible dramatically opens with the Spirit of God hovering over a watery, chaotic, trackless void. Then God speaks. He orders the chaos; he creates heaven and earth as a place where he can dwell forever with those beings who bear his own image and likeness. But something goes terribly, tragically wrong, and the image bearers are exiled from the Garden. A new home, a new sacred space for God and man to dwell together, must be created. In a remarkable turn, the Creator God sends the same Spirit that once overshadowed a watery chaos to overshadow a young woman, a willing servant. In the person of her child, God reveals, in the most dramatic way imaginable, his desire to join heaven and earth. The two realities are not side by side, and one thing is not imposed on the other; rather, two natures will exist in one single person. That is the wonder of the Incarnation.

Bill Wacker
Director Emeritus
Conversation Starters and Loving Actions for you!
How do you prepare your home to welcome Jesus?

If you could take a snapshot of your marriage to date, what would that picture look like?

If Joseph knocked on your door today to ask for hospitality, what would you say?

Do you remember the important events of the world that took place in the year of your marriage?

Name people who have shaped your character.

Has there been a time in your life when you have questioned God? Did he answer?

What would it have been like to read a story to or play a game with the child Jesus?

Do you move with haste to see the Lord?

Begin a new exercise routine together.

Tackle a difficult cleaning project together and reward yourselves with dinner at a restaurant that is new to you.

Read a favorite childhood book out loud to each other.

Write your own thankful psalm.

Go fishing together. Maybe even dig up worms for bait.

Do something unexpected for your spouse.

Listen to the birdsong in your area and try to recreate the sounds.
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